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6 Storage Ideas for Laundry Rooms and Mudrooms

Reduce stress with a calmer, smarter, more functional space. One of our storage ideas for laundry rooms and mudrooms is built-in lockers.

A laundry room and mudroom is often a dumping ground for family belongings. From muddy boots and backpacks to dog supplies and unfolded laundry, this hardworking area of the home can quickly become chaotic. Online research reveals that concerns over home organization trigger just as much stress as unexpected expenses. The key to less stress? Curb the clutter. Our storage ideas for laundry rooms and mudrooms will create a beautiful and orderly multi-purpose space.

  1. Built-in lockers 
    Incorporate seating, hanging space, and cubbies all in one fell swoop. Built-in lockers are ideal because they can be customized to fit the available space and finished to match the rest of the trim in your home. Choose from closed- or open-shelf storage for homework, sports gear, and briefcases.
  2. Wall shelving
    A quick, easy, and affordable method of storage in a laundry room or mudroom is open wall shelving. Often, these tiny rooms have more available wall than floor space, so make good use of it with floating, wire, or bookshelves. Use the added storage space to contain everything from towels to cleaning supplies and gloves to the family dog leash. 
  3. Wall cabinetry
    Custom or semi-custom cabinetry can help you make the most of your space. Not only do they hide your possessions, but they’ll also help you stay organized. Store laundry products, extra linens, tools, or odds and ends. Add a stylish backsplash and decorative handles or knobs to complete your look. 
  4. Appliance pedestal drawer
    Many of the front-loading washers and dryers on the market offer the option to place the laundry unit on top of a pedestal drawer for an additional small investment. This option helps you elevate the height of the washer and dryer for less bending, but also creates  deep hideaway storage.
  5. Pull-out hamper
    Do you have a laundry room that piles up with wet towels, sweaty fitness gear, and grass-stained soccer uniforms? Clear the clutter from the floor and place it in
    pull-out hampers. If your space allows, designate one
    for clean laundry and another for dirty, or assign a
    hamper to each member in your family. 
  6. Utility closet
    Tuck your brooms, mops, buckets, and cleaning supplies away inside a smartly designed utility closet complete with hooks and shelves for all your supplies. No room for a closet? Purchase an inexpensive wall or door-mounted utility rack.

Interested in more storage ideas for laundry rooms and mudrooms? Our home remodeling experts can help you transform the most cluttered and disorganized room to a calm, smart, and functional space you can enjoy. Visit our Waunakee remodeling showroom or call 608.709.7517 today.

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