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Top 5 Factors that Influence the Cost to Finish a Basement

Know the top factors that influence the cost to finish a basement in Madison, WI before your project begins.

If you have a dream for your basement, chances are you've spent time envisioning the completed project. Is your dream a cozy living space perfect for quiet reading, or more of a game room or theater complete with a bar? Knowing the factors that influence the cost to finish a basement can help you prioritize everything on your wish list so you can begin making your basement plans come to life

Let’s begin by getting serious about the bottom line--how much will your whole basement remodeling endeavor cost from beginning to end? A remodeling expert with extensive experience in basement remodeling can help you work out an estimate. Before that, consider these factors that will impact the cost of finishing a basement. 

1. Square Footage
This one probably seems like a no-brainer: the more area you want to finish, the pricier it's going to be. In general, expecting to pay somewhere between $25 and $50 per square foot will give you an idea of the cost to finish your space, but that guesstimate could easily go up depending on the way you choose to finish your space. 

2. Bathrooms and Kitchens
If you're planning to add a bathroom, a wet bar, or any form of kitchen space to your basement, expect costs to go up. Bathrooms incur the highest per-square-foot costs of any remodeling project, so be prepared to spend as much on your new bathroom as you did for much of the rest of your basement. 

3. Flooring 
The good news is that your basement flooring likely won’t cost nearly as much as the flooring rest of your home, especially if you have hardwoods. Due to the drastic seasonal climate changes here in Southern Wisconsin, the humidity levels in your basement vary greatly, making hardwood less than ideal. If you still like the wood look, opt for laminate or tile planks that have a texture and look that mimics hardwood for about $1-$5 per square foot.

4. Heat Sources
The way you modify or install climate control for a finished basement will also dramatically impact the finished cost. In some cases, you may be able to feed off your existing heating and cooling system; in others, you'll need to consider installing another unit altogether. This impacts costs in terms of material and labor, so deciding how to deal with it at the beginning of your project is a smart move for your wallet. 

5. Lighting 
Though you can do lighting on the cheap (like those office-building-esque flourescent lights), cheap lighting is often unsightly and can undermine an otherwise beautiful redesign. Consider recessed lighting or overhead fixtures that fit your use for the space and your style; you'll find economical options that fit a range of budgets. 

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