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Find Your Window Replacement Match [Quiz]

Answer four easy questions to determine the perfect windows for your home.

Take our window replacement quiz to find the perfect match for your home.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, take this interactive quiz to find your perfect window replacement match! Answer the following four questions:

1.     Which is most important to you?

A: Easy operation

B: Easy cleaning

C: Easy maintenance

D: Easy to decorate

2.     What unique feature do you want from your window replacement?

A: Screen on the inside of the window

B: Customized ventilation options

C: Great views

D: More natural light

3.     How would you define your lifestyle?

A: You concentrate on saving energy

B: You always opt for tried and true methods

C: You love the outdoors

D: You’re a bookworm

4.     What architectural style is your home?

A: Modern

B: Traditional

C: Craftsman

D: Country

Tally your responses!

If you answered mostly A: Casement or awning windows are excellent matches for you.

When ventilation and energy efficiency are priorities, casements and awnings offer the best of both worlds. Easy open cranks are easy to operate when you need fresh air and they close the windows tightly against the frame to block out air leaks. Casements and awnings are particularly good matches for modern homes.

If you answered mostly B: Your window replacements matches are double-hung or sliders.

Removable and fold-in sash features make cleaning a breeze. Two operational sashes mean you can slide the window open whichever way you want. As some of the oldest window operating styles around, you can’t go wrong with double-hung or sliding windows! They look best installed in traditional homes.

If you answered mostly C: Picture or specialty windows will match your needs.

Large picture or specialty windows allow the beauty outside to become your home’s artwork. Stained glass and etched specialty windows are especially well-matched for Craftsman-style homes.

If you answered mostly D: Consider skylights or bay/bow windows for your home.

When you’re mostly concerned about letting in more natural light, skylights and bay/bow windows are perfect choices. They also present the opportunity to install a window bench for cuddling up with your favorite book. Skylights and bay/bow windows are suited country-style homes.

Would you like to see your window replacement matches in person? Visit our Madison-area showroom or call our window replacement experts at 608.709.7517 to learn more today.