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6 Energy-Saving Green Home Remodeling Ideas

Find out how much more energy efficient your home can be this Earth Day.

One of our green home remodeling ideas is to replace old and drafty windows with Renewal by Andersen replacement windows.

April 22 is Earth Day, making this a good time to consider eco-friendly updates that will improve the comfort of your home, while helping the environment and lowering your energy bills. Find out just how much energy you can save with these green home remodeling ideas:

1. Replace drafty, old windows

Single-pane windows that rattle in their frames are energy inefficient and could be costing you extra money each month in energy costs. Install Renewal by Andersen® replacement windows to reduce your home’s energy usage by about 12%.

2. Start composting

If you love to garden, start a compost heap to create nutrient-rich material that will help your garden grow and prevent useful organic products from wasting away in the landfill.

3. Replace inefficient appliances

Assess the age and energy efficiency of the appliances in your home and decide which ones could use an upgrade. Pre-1994 dishwashers can cost about $35 more per year to run than new, high-efficiency models. And high-efficiency washers use 25% less energy and 45% less water than standard machines. 

4.  Upgrade your HVAC system 

If you have an old AC unit, it may be rated 10 SEER or lower. By upgrading to an Energy Star-qualified 16 SEER unit, you could decrease your electricity usage by 38%. Also, installing a high-efficiency 90 AFUE furnace in place of your aging 60 AFUE model could reduce your natural gas consumption by 33%. Throw in a programmable thermostat and reduce your energy use by an additional 10%.

5. Replace your roof

If many shingles are missing or damaged, replace your roof with an Owens Corning® “cool roof,” which can keep your attic 50 degrees cooler and lower your air conditioning bills.

6. Install low-flow faucets and showerheads

If your faucets leak, replace them with low-flow versions. These fixtures can reduce water flow by 30% or more when compared to standard faucets.

If our green home remodeling ideas inspired you to make your home more eco-friendly this Earth Day, turn to our experts for help. Visit our home remodeling showroom in Waunakee or call 608.709.7517 today to get started.

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