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5 Convenient Home Remodeling Financing Options

Choose how you want to pay for your next home improvement project.

One of our home remodeling financing options is manufacturer deals.

It’s time for new windows. Or perhaps you dream of replacing that old outdated kitchen with a sleek modern design. No matter what remodeling project you have in mind, the chances are good that it will add value to and improve your lifestyle. But there is something you need to consider before you start picking out colors and styles: how to pay for it.

Lucky for you, there are plenty of home remodeling financing options available. Here are five to consider:

1. Manufacturer deals

Renewal by Andersen® offers monthly deals and financing options to qualified buyers for door and window replacement projects. From dollar-off discounts to 0% financing, the specials offer homeowners an opportunity for significant savings on home improvement projects. The key to finding the best deal is checking our website frequently for the newest deals and promotions

2. Contractor financing

When it comes to helping you find ways to pay for all other interior and exterior remodeling projects, ask us about available financing options. Qualified customers may be able to tap into these resources to update their kitchen, bath, porch, roof, siding, and more. In many cases, you can receive a customized payment plan based on your financing option. Contact our office for direction on ways to get the ball rolling on your project.

3. Home equity line of credit

Increase your buying power by tapping into your home’s equity. A line of credit allows you to borrow up to 80% of your home’s value, minus what you still owe on your mortgage. Interest is usually lower than a traditional loan, giving you readily available funds when you need them. 

4. Personal loan

Depending on the amount you need to borrow and your credit score, you may be able to secure a personal loan to pay for your project. Banks usually offer this kind of financing at a fixed rate for a certain term, typically two to five years.

5. Credit card

Although interest rates are a consideration when using credit cards, some offer 0% promotions for short periods (12-18 months). If you know that you can pay off the majority of the bill within that time frame, this home remodeling financing option can help you pay for projects without having to secure a loan from the bank.

When considering home remodeling financing options, be sure to choose one that makes the most sense for your budget and comfort level. Learn more about our home remodeling services here. Are you ready to add value to your home and tackle that renovation you’ve been dreaming of? Call 608.709.7517 or contact us online today.