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Home Remodeling Projects Dads Will Love [Infographic]

Create a Dad-approved space that goes beyond the traditional man cave.

Some dads love to fix things. Others religiously watch every NASCAR race or collect rare books. And some are aspiring mixologists. But no matter what the dad in your house is into, chances are good he deserves a place to do what he loves. Why create a space just for him? These home remodeling projects for dads are some of our favorites.

Get inspired with this infographic of home remodeling projects for dads to enjoy.

1. The Refined Cellar

A dad space doesn't have be the stereotypical "man cave" that feels more like a dive bar than a cool room in your home. Remaking a basement space in cozy sophistication might be more up dad's alley. Think clean, straightforward design, comfortable seating, library bookshelves, and a big-screen TV or a pool table, depending on his preferences. 

2. The Tinkerer's Workshop

For the dad who loves to tinker, nothing could be better than a segment of the basement or garage set apart for building, rebuilding, and crafting. Whether dad's choice is wood, electronics, or model airplanes, give him everything he needs for his hobby. Large workbenches or desks, plenty of storage space, ample lighting, and simple decor are all it takes to make the dad of your house the happiest tinkerer on the block. 

3. The Backyard Bar Shed

If dad loves to spend time outdoors, a rustic backyard bar might be a perfect choice. Buy it new or convert an existing shed into a casual space to enjoy libations with friends and family. Complete the look with bar stools, string lights, and a dart board.

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4. The Space-Saving Study

Some dads would relish a sophisticated rolling chair, a writer’s desk, and floor-to-ceiling bookshelves filled with their favorite literary works in a smartly-designed space. But you don't need an entire room to take on this home remodeling project for dads. Try creating a nook in the corner of your living space or renovate an existing shared space so it becomes his private library or study.

5. The Screened Porch Retreat

For many dads, a screened porch is the best spot in the house. Comfortable weather-proof furniture and bug-free fresh air can make a newly designed porch space feel like a little bit of heaven. Ceiling fans, built-in speakers, and a few potted plants are the perfect icing on the cake. 

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