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Quiz: How Handy Are You?

Just answer true or false to these three questions to learn whether you’re handy enough to take on your own home repairs.Answer 3 questions to find out if you’re a Handy Hannah or a Clumsy Charlie.

Sometimes it's hard to know when to DIY and when to call a pro. Put your ego aside and answer these quick true or false questions to help you figure out just how qualified you are to make those end-of-year repairs. 

1. Encountering a repair that requires the use of a screwdriver fills you with joy because you finally have an excuse to use a hand tool.

If you answered TRUE

These feelings of elation indicate that you’re well-intentioned and tend to be pretty handy when it comes to doing your own home maintenance. Pump your DIY fist.

If you answered FALSE

Your response indicates that you likely hate doing anything beyond changing a lightbulb. Tools and repairs just aren’t your thing. Leave them to the experts so you don’t get hurt.

2. Some part of your house is always a disaster because you're "working on it." 

If you answered TRUE

You're always in the middle of remodeling something. Maybe it's been in a state of remodeling for two years, but still. You were ambitious enough to begin and keep working on it. That definitely makes you handy. 

If you answered FALSE

Your house is completely put together. Martha Stewart would be proud. If you were handy, there would be some sign of ongoing improvements, though--so you're better off calling the experts when you have a project to be done. 

3. When you walk through the doors of a home improvement store, you get more excited than a hound dog tracking a steak dinner. 

If you answered TRUE

You love shopping for home improvement items, even it means just browsing and dreaming up possibilities. You're probably fairly handy. Non-handy people hate going to Home Depot. 

If you answered FALSE

You would clearly prefer to be at the mall, at Starbucks, or somewhere in between. This indicates a likely lack of handy-ness and implies that you should leave your home repairs to professionals who can really get excited about your home improvements even when you can't. 

Did you answer TRUE to these questions? You’re a Handy Hannah! You're confident doing a wide variety of projects on your own--but you would still call an expert when it comes to wiring or structural issues, if only for advice, before you dive in. Check out our blog for ideas and tips to get you inspired for your next project.

On the other hand, if you answered FALSE more often than not, you’re a Clumsy Charlie. You'd be better off calling a remodeling expert to take care of your projects for you.

Have questions about a home improvement project you'd like done, but aren't sure you should attempt? Feel free to give us a call to talk to an expert craftsman. They'll be able to give you advice on the project you have in mind and brainstorm ways to make it happen.