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How Much Does It Cost to Remodel a Bathroom? [Infographic]

Factors that influence how much you’ll spend on a new bathroom.

Outdated laminate? Drippy faucets? If a leaky or unsightly bathroom has you day-dreaming of granite and touchless faucets, it’s probably time for a bathroom remodeling project. But first, let’s answer the big question: how much does it cost to remodel a bathroom?

Unfortunately, there's no single number when it comes to remodeling a bathroom. The cost to remodel a bathroom depends on many things, especially:

Learn how much your bathroom remodel could cost in Madison, WI with this helpful infographic.

1. Time
According to Angie’s List, the amount of time spent remodeling your bathroom takes the biggest chunk out of your remodeling budget. On average, roughly 20% of your total budget will be allocated to labor, regardless of the extra labor that specialty choices necessitate.

2. Cabinetry
Cabinets will influence the cost of your bathroom remodel in two ways: labor and wood type. Cabinetry, especially complex varieties, are one of the most expensive installation jobs, and cabinetry prices vary greatly depending on the quality of wood you choose.

3. Personal taste
The difference between a basic remodel and a high-end remodel? Finishes. If your taste means that you won’t settle for less than a frameless shower and specialty limestone tile work, you could be looking at $10,000+ just for a shower.

4. Fixtures
Even in conservative bathroom remodels, fixtures figure into the budget in a big way. Faucets, shower heads, etc., will account for 15% of your total budget. On a $20,000 bathroom, that’s about $3,000.

5. Flooring
Flooring will take up around 10% of your total bathroom budget, but the final figure depends on extra labor and features. Tile on a straightforward installation with no changes to the sub floor sits on the lower end of the spectrum, with radiant heated tile and new sub floor on the high end.

So, how much does it cost to remodel a bathroom? There’s no single answer, and the final cost of your remodel is dependent on several factors. Rest assured, though—our Madison-area pros are ready and waiting to help you price out and execute your dream bathroom remodeling project. Just give us a call at 608.849.5155 today or contact us online.

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