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How to Make Your Home Senior Friendly

Tips for adding more accessible features to accommodate the seniors in your life.

Your home was likely designed for a young family, not senior citizens who may need a helping hand. But if your in-laws are moving in or you’d like to make your home senior-friendly for visiting grandparents, a few simple modifications can ensure your loved ones feel comfortable and safe. Let’s take a closer look at how to make each room in your home more senior friendly.

One of the ways to make your home senior friendly is investing in appliances with easy-to-read controls.


Your bathroom could very well be the most dangerous room in the house. And it’s no wonder! Think about all the potentially slippery surfaces that could lead to trips, falls, and serious injuries. Here’s how you can reduce the risk of injury to seniors in your bathroom:

It’s also a good idea to make sure your bathroom faucets are clearly labeled “hot” and “cold” to prevent scalding.


A senior-friendly bedroom allows older adults to safely relax and get a good night’s sleep. To make a bedroom in your home an ideal space for your aging loved ones, be sure to:


If your loved ones enjoy cooking and spending time in the kitchen, make sure yours is senior-friendly. Modify the space with their physical and mental limitations in mind, including:

  • Install non-skid floors
  • Add ample lighting
  • Place a Lazy Susan on the countertop
  • Store heavy objects at waist level
  • Replace glass items with plastic or melamine versions
  • Invest in kitchen appliances with easy-to-read controls 

Other Rooms

Senior-friendly home design goes beyond your bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen. Use these tips to make the rest of your house just as accommodating:

  • Add non-slip flooring in the entryway
  • Repair any cracked or uneven surfaces on your driveway and walkway
  • Install rails on both sides of interior or exterior stairs, if you have them

If you take advantage of these tips, your senior loved ones will enjoy the time they spend in your home – and you can rest easy knowing that your home meets their needs and reduces their risk of accidents and injuries. For more ideas on how to make your home senior friendly or help with senior-friendly home designs, contact us online or call us at 608.709.7517.