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How to Turn Your Bathroom into a Spa

Floor-to-ceiling updates for creating a relaxing retreat at home. Nature-inspired flooring can help you turn your bathroom into a spa.

Interior designers in today’s world-class spas have a knack for making spaces feel relaxing enough to release all the stress and tension from your body from the moment you arrive. So why not harness that Zen-like experience and create a luxurious space you can enjoy every day at home? If you’ve been wondering how to turn your bathroom into a spa, we have six floor-to-ceiling updates that will have you saying, “ahhh.” 

Floor: Nature-inspired 

Use inspiration from natural elements for your flooring to create that indulgent spa-like feeling. Think pebble tiles, slate, or wood-looking plank tiles. Consider varying the materials around the tub, vanities, or shower to create stunning visual interest. The photo featured uses soft beige plank tiles with a grey river rock inset that surrounds the freestanding tub.

Walls: Serene 

Carrying your flooring onto a feature wall creates a consistent and serene effect. Consider painting the remaining walls in a soothing hue, like warm grey, sea glass green, or watery blue. Use an online color selector tool to help you visualize how the new paint will look in your bathroom. Then, choose a coordinating glass or ceramic backsplash and complement the color scheme with calming wall art. 

Vanity: Rustic-chic 

Warm wood accents can add a tranquil feel that will instantly help you turn your bathroom into a spa. Consider a wood-framed bathroom mirror, an antique wood vanity, or even wood wall paneling. Pair it with a modern and sleek countertop and sink, and your new bathroom will reflect today’s popular rustic-chic design trend that has captured the nation.

Shower & tub: Romantic elegance 

For most, the home spa experience is all about the walk-in shower. Walls of glass with upgraded plumbing fixtures and intricate tile details add a romantic elegance reminiscent of a five-star hotel. If your space has room for a bathtub, choose an ultra-deep whirlpool version or a freestanding claw foot style as your focal point. 

Lighting: Dramatically soft 

Strategically placed lighting is essential for turning your bathroom into a spa. Consider adding energy-efficient skylights for natural light and soft, LED recessed lighting with dimmer switches to illuminate the space at night. Accent vanities with sconces or pendant lights, and consider a magnificent chandelier for the center of the room.

Ceiling: Lavish applications

A look upward in a chic spa is sure to point to a lavish ceiling application that carries the pampering feeling forward. Try replicating this effect in your new bathroom. Such treatments as bead board, wood planks, and coffering will finish your space with an extra special touch of luxury.    

Fill your new room with indulgent items you’d only find at a dreamy spa, such as luxurious linens, towel warmer, and ultra-plush rugs and bath mats. Arrange bath salts, scented soaps, bubble bath, or bath bombs in cozy baskets and cue soothing ocean sounds on your Bluetooth. For more ways you can turn your bathroom into a spa, stop by our remodeling showroom or contact our bathroom remodeling experts at 608.709.7517 today.

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