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Kitchen Cabinet Ideas in a Rainbow of Colors [Infographic]

Pick the right shade of cabinet from the visible spectrum of finishes.

Are you ready to give your kitchen cabinets a stylish new lease on life? One of the simplest ways to revive or restyle your kitchen is to give it a dose of new color. Whether you go for a bold primary, a neutral, a wood finish, or glaze, fresh cabinets mean an entirely new look for one of the most important rooms in your home, the kitchen. Here are some of our favorite kitchen cabinet ideas, brought to you in a rainbow of six colors:

Explore these fun kitchen cabinet ideas to update your kitchen in Wisconsin.


  • White | Clean, contemporary, light
    White cabinets are a perfect option for those who want their kitchen to feel bright and open. The lightest cabinets on our kitchen cabinets ideas list are available in several materials such as painted wood and acrylic. The best part about white cabinets? Even your morning cereal will pop like it’s on the set of a magazine shoot.
  • Yellow | Spunky, sunny, modern
    According to top designers, shiny yellow cabinets are very much “in.” Yellow brings a sunny yet modern personality to otherwise neutral kitchens. Consider pairing your yellow cabinets with gray, white, stainless, or chrome accents.
  • Blue | Calming, soft, vintage flair
    Many southerners paint their ceilings “Haint Blue,” so why not paint your cabinets a bright shade of aqua, turquoise, or cerulean? Color psychology suggests that blue can also invoke a sense of rest and calm. Kitchen tranquility, brought to you by science!
  • Natural Pine | High-end, clean, natural
    If you love the natural look of wood or simply want your kitchen to look as minimalist as possible, natural pine might be a great choice. Light pine is like the exposed brick of cabinet finishes, and it pairs well with nearly any aesthetic, from colonial to mid-century modern.
  • Warm Cherry | Warm, inviting, classic
    If you enjoy strong coffee, whiskey, or long afternoons in your wood-paneled study, cherry cabinets are the classic touch your kitchen needs. Cherry is warm, inviting, and perfectly suited for traditional homes.
  • Dark Walnut | Strong, stark, high-contrast
    Uber-modern kitchens will find a mate in dark walnut. Go almost black so that chrome, white, and primary accents pop for stark contrast. Ebony-colored cabinets can also create a more masculine effect.


Are you ready to update your kitchen with one of our favorite color ideas for kitchen cabinets? Get in touch with a remodeling expert at 608.849.5155 to get started today.