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The Homeowner’s Guide to Kitchen Lighting Ideas and Tips

If you're looking for ways to make your kitchen come alive, you might just need a simple kitchen lighting change. Updating your kitchen lighting can make the room feel like a new space--roomier, brighter, and more welcoming than ever before. Kitchens are the perfect room to update your lighting to make it feel a little more like your dream home. 

Sometimes you just need a few kitchen lighting ideas or tips to inspire your update. This guide might just inspire a few little (or big) changes that make a huge difference in your kitchen's look and feel. 

Track Lighting 
Getting the right amount of light focused right where you need it can be a logistical nightmare, but track lighting is one straightforward way to create your own custom lighting scheme. Track lights work best in transitional to contemporary kitchens, because the exposed tracks and lights typically have a more modern, and sometimes even industrial, feel.
Get helpful kitchen lighting ideas and tips from Waunakee Remodeling.
Recessed Lights
Recessed lights give you the same focused lighting that track lights do, but in an even more unobtrusive and streamlined package that works well for any design scheme or home style. Use recessed lights with reflective trimming to highlight artwork or direct light toward your sink or countertops, kitchen island or eating space. 

Accent Lighting Fixtures
Lighting fixtures such as chandeliers, pendants and wall sconces double as functional sources of light and stylish accents. Choose finishes and styles that represent your kitchen’s design scheme, and install them in common gathering or workspaces, such as above the kitchen island or breakfast nook. If you dare, go for stylish and dramatic statement pieces that will complement the heart of your home. 

Under-Cabinet Lighting 
Under-cabinet lighting is a seemingly invisible way to light up your counter space and brighten up your entire kitchen in a jiffy. Overhead lighting is easily blocked or shadowed by your body when you're standing at a countertop, but under-cabinet lighting keeps your countertops well-lit no matter where you're standing. It also makes a statement that can rejuvenate your entire kitchen's look without breaking the bank. 

Dimmer Switches
Want to know one of the best kitchen lighting tips out there? Dimmer switches can be installed on nearly every type of light switch, and will provide just the flexibility you need to create the perfect ambience for any occasion. 

Still not sure what type of lighting upgrades would make the most of your kitchen? Our remodeling and design experts are ready to hear your ideas and offer suggestions for your unique space. For more kitchen ideas or to talk to one of our experts, visit our remodeling showrooms in Madison and Waunakee!