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Minimalist Bathroom Remodeling Ideas - Photo Guide

When it comes to bathrooms, less is much, much more.

Sometimes, less is more. We’ve found 9 bathroom remodeling ideas with a minimalist spirit—they maximize function and celebrate form while keeping all things clean and simple.

1| Floating Vanity
Our first of 9 bathroom remodeling ideas is a floating vanity that provides a weightless, futuristic look.

Hide unsightly plumbing while lifting your vanity off the ground for a weightless, futuristic look.

2| Lithe Fixtures

Choose fixtures sans knobs, visible brand names, and unnecessary ornament. 

3| Tub Solo

A free-standing tub (and tankless toilet, for that matter) can clean up the profile of any bathroom. 

4| Wall O’ Windows

Have a small, narrow bathroom? Place a narrow-framed window that dominates the exterior wall and see your bath open up, big time.

5| Clear as Crystal

Consider a clear, full glass shower surround with no frosting or detailing. You might lack privacy, but you’ll never lack light.

6| Copper-Bottomed + Hardwood

A copper tub and wood flooring in the same color family are easy (and minimal) on the eye (via The Wheatsheaf Inn).

7| Pulling Power

Bathroom cabinets go sleek with invisible pulls. Of all our minimalist bathroom remodeling ideas, this one is the easiest to execute.

8| Through the Looking Glass 

Full floor-to-ceiling glass walls and doors keep a windowless bathroom filled with light (via Labo Design Studio).

9| Hide and Seek 

Smart slide-out drawers migrate from the kitchen to the bathroom, keeping essentials hidden but secretly close by (via HomeDIT).

Love of our minimalist bathroom remodeling ideas? Embrace simplicity by starting a contemporary and clean bathroom design project with us by your side—just give us a call at 608.709.7517 today.

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