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Mix n’ Match Unique Home Designs Infographic

Unique home designs are born of styles so different from one another, when they are paired in the same space, they set each other off like complementary shades across the color wheel. Here are 5 rooms that prove disparate styles sometimes belong together:

The first of our unique home designs is cottage eclectic.

1| Cottage Eclectic
A tall, angular fireplace recalls natural stone seen in castles and manor houses, while brightness abounds from furniture, flooring, and surprisingly ornate mirrors in sunny shades of orange and yellow.

2| Deco Revival
Shiny parquet flooring with art deco inlays curiously complement painted landscapes and more modern elements like an olive accent wall, and exposed natural stone.

3| Genteel Gothic
A soft Victorian room with white crown molding and classic double hung windows gets an edge of attitude from an oversized mirror, hardwood, and gothic chandelier, all in shades of black.

4| Cozy Contemporary
A pair of Eames Miller-style chairs lend their sleek lines to a soft plush rug, traditionally cozy sofa, and bright blue shutters.

5| Rowdy Rustic
This loft-styled cathedral of black hardwood, exposed red brick, oversized gliding windows, and rustic decorations give the words “man cave” a new meaning.

Want to infuse your home with one of our unique home designs? Grab your favorite idea and give us a call at 608.709.7517 to get started today.