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Old House Renovation—5 Things to Try on Your Fixer Upper

The best ways to preserve your beloved old home.

Interested in starting an old house renovation on a 1920’s bungalow? Consider starting with new wiring.

Whether you’re pouring tea in a Queen Anne Victorian or searching for a 1920’s bungalow with a breezy front porch, these are the old house renovation projects you should tackle first to preserve and protect your antique abode.

1. Windows

Hesitant to add a window replacement project to your old house renovation list? Andersen’s innovative replacement windows slip right into traditional openings, and if your home has unusual round or geometric openings, we can help with custom specialty windows. The best news for discerning antique homeowners is that there are endless color, hardware, glass, and grille options so you can maintain your home’s style without sacrificing energy efficiency or safety.

2. Roof
If your current roof is more than 20 years old or is cracked, warped, or you’re noticing water damage on ceilings, consider roof repair or replacement. Architectural shingles, for example, pair well with the dramatic pitched roofs found on many historic homes. Work with your roof replacement contractor to ensure the material you choose accentuates the vintage allure of your home’s exterior.

3. Kitchen
Apart from the bathroom, the kitchen has evolved more than any other room, and those in old homes tend to be outdated and impractical. Wood-burning, electric, and induction stoves, for example, have come and gone, leaving awkward gaps in countertops and mismatched flooring. Assess your home’s age and look for simple, functional materials that harken back to that period but offer modern style and convenience. Got an original colonial? Try fresh white cabinets with ornate molding, and don’t be afraid to play with stately accent colors, antique lighting, and wide plank flooring. (And don’t forget a good farmhouse sink.)

4. Wiring
Is your electrical older than you are? If your wiring predates you, there’s a chance it is not up to code. Wire insulation degrades easily, and bad wiring is the leading cause of residential fires. New electrical makes your old house more efficient and safe, and won’t detract from the old-school charm of your home. Install antique switch plates and outlet covers to preserve its historic appeal.

5. Plumbing
In 60+ year old homes with lead or polybutylene pipes, or with tubing that’s downright leaky, you will likely need a plumbing overhaul. Opt for copper or PEX (polyethylene) tubing for longevity and assurance against plumbing disasters in your old home for years to come.

Your home has seen a lot over the years. It’s time to treat your beloved old house to a little R&R: remodeling and rejuvenation.

Enhance and protect your antique property for the next century with help from one of our remodeling experts. Call us today at 608.849.5155 or contact us online to get started on your old house renovation.