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How to Prioritize Home Remodeling Projects for 2018

Effectively plan your home updates in the New Year.

When planning home remodeling projects for 2018, start with those that affect your family’s safety.

As a homeowner, you likely have a long list of home remodeling projects for 2018. You may be overwhelmed and unsure of which ones to complete first, and which ones to save for later. By taking advantage of the tips listed below, you’ll understand how to prioritize your home remodeling projects for the upcoming year so that can allocate your time and money wisely.

Begin with projects that affect your family's safety

Your family’s safety and wellbeing is your top priority, which makes it imperative for you to begin with home improvement projects that will turn your home into a safer living space. Examples of safety projects include:

Repair issues that may lead to permanent damage

Once you’ve completed all your safety-related home remodeling projects, focus on repairing any issues that may permanently damage your home. Examples of damage-prevention projects include:

Make upgrades that will improve energy efficiency

After you’ve tackled the home remodeling projects that will improve your family’s safety and repaired any issues that may cause permanent home damage, consider remodeling your home to improve its energy efficiency. Reduce your energy usage and save on utility bills with these types of updates:

  • Replacing old, drafty, and leaking windows and doors
  • Adding a programmable or smart home thermostat
  • Upgrading your HVAC system
  • Purchasing high-efficiency home appliances

Work on low-cost projects that offer high value

There are a variety of home improvement ideas that can increase the value of your home for a relatively small investment, including:

Tackle large-scale home remodeling projects

Large-scale home remodeling projects tend to take more time to plan and budget, so start thinking about your ideas early in the year even though they may not start until later. These home improvement projects will transform the way you live in your home by adding more style, function, and efficiency to your space, and include:

Separating your needs from your wants can help you prioritize your home remodeling projects for 2018. Start with those that affect your family’s safety and will prevent long-term home damage, then begin tackling projects that will further improve the value, aesthetics, and efficiency of your home. For more home improvement ideas for the New Year, visit our Waunakee home remodeling showroom or call 608.709.7517 today.