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Renewal by Andersen® Window Maintenance Guide

Surprisingly easy care tips for low-maintenance windows.

When it comes to caring for your Renewal by Andersen windows, you’ll discover within short notice that you’ve purchased a quality product that is beautiful and incredibly easy to maintain. Thanks to strong, rugged frames made of Fibrex material, your Renewal by Andersen replacement windows are guaranteed not to succumb to the wear and tear damage that befall lesser-quality windows. Rust, cracking, peeling, and dirt accumulation - those will be "other people problems" thanks to this easy-care composite material that lasts.

These low-maintenance windows only require a few easy maintenance steps to keep your window sills, glass, and screens looking beautiful for years to come.

Window sills: Remove the dirt and grime that can gather and jam your sills.
Renewal by Andersen windows are surprisingly easy to care for.

Windows are naturally going to get dirty. The wind, rain, and other harsh Wisconsin weather conditions can sully your windows by accumulating dirt, soot and other particles along the tracks and sills. Not only is this unsightly, but it’s potentially damaging. Dirt and grime can clog or jam the tracks and sills and ultimately prevent the windows from closing and opening properly. To keep them in top order, simply vacuum your tracks and sills regularly to extend the life of your windows, while preventing debris and other outside elements from entering your home.

Glass: Keep the glass sparkling clean for perfect views.

Everyone loves sparkling clean windows. To keep yours looking pristine, clean the glass regularly and on an as-needed basis. Remove stray or loose bits of dirt from the window using a clean, soft and dry cloth. Rough material could scratch or etch the glass. Use your favorite window cleaning solution or if you prefer more holistic cleaning formula, you can create a homemade window cleaner using a mixture of vinegar and distilled water. You can also use this formula to tidy your window hardware. This easy window maintenance tip takes only a few minutes but makes a big difference in the look of your replacement windows.

Screens: Clean your window screens periodically. 

If your Renewal by Andersen windows do not have a TruScene™ screen, a simple garden hose is all you need to remove the dirt, dust, and insects from your screens. Use a soft brush and a mild detergent solution for hard to clean areas, making sure to rinse each screen when finished. If your windows have TruScene, a good, old-fashioned feather duster will do the trick to rid your screens of debris. 

Your Renewal by Andersen replacement windows are the eyes of your home’s soul, letting in views of the beautiful outdoors while protecting the interior from the elements. Treating them kindly with easy, regular window maintenance will help you enjoy them for years to come. For more information about our low-maintenance replacement windows in Madison, Wisconsin, visit our Waunakee showroom or call at 608.709.7515 today.

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