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7 Restful Master Bedroom Design Ideas & Inspiration

A photo guide to designing a space for more relaxation, comfort, and sleep.

Are you getting enough ZZZs at night? If you struggle with insomnia or sleepiness during the day, think about your master bedroom design because it can play an important role in your ability to get enough rest. Do you find it comfortable and inviting? Relaxing and calming? In honor of National Sleep Comfort Month, consider infusing your space with essential elements that promote the sleep your body needs. These restful master bedroom design ideas are bound to help.

Idea #1: Paint the walls a soothing color

One of our master bedroom design ideas is to paint the walls a soothing color.

Although bright colors are fun for spaces where you want to feel energetic and awake, they may not encourage relaxation and calmness in the bedroom. Choose a soothing paint color, like lavender, pale gray, pale pink, pale green, off-white, or beige to lull you into a restful state so you can get the recommended 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night.

Idea #2: Add light dimmers

It can be difficult to fall asleep when there are bright lights in your master bedroom. Add dimmer switches to your bedroom lights so you can let your body know that the day is winding down and it’s time to go to sleep. You can use dimmers on overhead lights and also install them on your bedside table lamps to recreate a peaceful ambiance you’d find at a 5-star resort.

Idea #3: Incorporate plants

Spending time outdoors reduces stress levels and can help you feel calmer. To bring some of that Zen-like feeling into your master bedroom design, incorporate plants, such as the moth orchid, snake plant, devil’s ivy, peace lily, and fiddleleaf fig. These calming plants will promote rest and relaxation, while removing toxins from the air for a healthier sleeping environment.

Idea #4: Opt for tile or hardwood with rugs instead of carpeting

A clean bedroom promotes a good night’s sleep. Since carpet often traps dust, mold, and pet dander, it’s a good idea to replace it with tile or hardwood floors, and cover them with accent rugs that will give you a cozy feeling. Choose a rug material that feels good to the touch, such as shag, silk, chenille, or faux fur. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning your rug and replace when it’s time for a refresh. 

Idea #5: Add a fireplace

A fireplace can elevate your master bedroom design and make it feel even more warm and cozy than you could have dreamed. This tranquil focal point can offer a relaxing ambience perfect for enjoying an evening nightcap or sipping a morning cup of coffee. Heat things up in your space with these uber cozy fireplace remodeling ideas just in time for winter. 

Idea #6: Consider a canopy bed

When they first hit the market, canopy beds were designed to keep warmth in and noise out. However, these beds are now a centerpiece in restful master bedroom designs because they offer a relaxing and comfortable feel. You can buy a canopy bed or get the look of one with just a few DIY tricks using everyday tools and supplies.

Idea #7: Add a place to sit

Even if your space is small, consider adding seating in your bedroom. Choose a cozy nook and build in a window seat for ultimate charm. Or add a comfortable chair, ottoman, or chaise lounge for a place to unwind and get lost in a book before bed. Add custom cushions, a blanket, or decorative pillow to your seat and allow yourself to sink in and relax.

These restful master bedroom design ideas can help you create a soothing place to unwind and comfortably drift off to dreamland. For more master bedroom design inspiration for creating a sleep-friendly environment in your master bedroom, visit our remodeling showroom in Waunakee or call us at 608.709.7517.

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