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6 Reasons for Window Replacement in Madison, WI

Westmorland, Dudgeon-Monroe, or Tenney-Lapham—no matter where you live, new windows can save energy, reduce sound & improve safety in your home.

Window replacement in Madison, Wisconsin can help you save energy.

Extreme weather, traffic and street noise, and safety—life in Madison’s neighborhoods provides numerous reasons for window replacement. Here are six smart reasons to upgrade today:

  1. Cut your energy bills
    Many of the older homes that make Madison’s most desirable neighborhoods so charming have old and drafty single-pane windows. Replacing aging windows with energy-efficient upgrades can save you up to 25% each year on heating and cooling costs. Consider double-pane replacement windows by Renewal by Andersen® that feature heat-reflecting low-E coatings and argon gas between the panes.
  2. Enjoy more peace and quiet
    Living near lively hot spots along East Wash, Monroe, or Regent streets can be an invigorating experience. It can also be frustratingly loud. Reducing the levels of traffic, construction, and neighborhood noise that permeate your home is as easy as replacing your old windows with newer models that have sound reduction qualities.
  3. Get comfortable
    Bundling up to cheer on the Badgers is awesome when you’re tailgating at Camp Randall or Lucky’s. But in your living room? Not so much. Energy-efficient Renewal by Andersen® replacement windows offer sufficient insulation to keep the Midwest weather outside where it belongs—eliminating the need to install and remove storm windows and wrap in blankets while you binge watch your favorite show.
  4. Enhance curb appeal
    Whether you live along the greens of Glenway golf course or among the shiny new businesses emerging near Breese Stevens Field, property values around town are on the rise. Replacing those old windows is an easy and affordable way to keep up. You’ll beautify the exterior your home while boosting the value of your largest investment.
  5. Increase security and safety
    Westmorland, Dudgeon-Monroe, and Tenney-Lapham residents are fortunate to reside in some of the safest neighborhoods in the city. But who doesn’t want a little extra peace of mind? Newer windows not only shut and lock more securely, but they are less likely to stick in the open or closed position, which can be dangerous in the case of a fire or other emergency.
  6. Save time and money
    Want to spend less time cleaning windows and more time seal-gazing at the Henry Vilas Zoo, skating the lagoon at Tenney Park, or browsing the stacks at the Sequoya Library? New double-hung windows feature tilt-in sash designs, allowing you to clean the exterior glass in a jiffy from inside. Tired of painting your cracked and faded window frames? Most replacement windows offer exterior trim that never needs retouching.

Interested in replacing the windows in your Madison-area home? Contact our window experts at our Madison-area showroom for help selecting the right ones for your needs.

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