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5 Smart Small Deck Design Ideas

Tips for creating a space-conscious outdoor retreat in your backyard.

The key to making a small deck feel larger and more functional is making smart design decisions. Whether you’re looking to remodel your existing deck or want to build one from scratch, check out our favorite small deck design ideas that will maximize your outdoor space:

1. Scale your landscaping One of our small deck design ideas is to scale your landscaping.

When designing a small deck, consider the role your landscaping plays in making it feel larger. Too large plants surrounding your deck – or on the deck itself – can dwarf the space and make it feel even smaller. Instead, opt for plants that grow even with or below the level of your deck. And consider hanging plants and sparsely placed pots on the corners.

2. Think traffic pattern

If you have to carefully step around your patio furniture, kick objects out of the way, or step over adornments to fully enjoy your deck, consider revamping your traffic flow. Envision walkways to key areas of your deck, like the eating area or stairway to the yard, and design your deck so it’s easy to navigate.

3. Consider built-in seating 

When thinking about small deck ideas, be sure to use every inch you have intelligently. Building bench seating into your design is one way to help you eliminate the need for extra chairs that may get in the way. Cover the bench in a brick or stone that complements the style of your home and add outdoor pillows for comfort.

4. Choose colors wisely

Some colors tend to make a space feel bigger. Light, neutral colors are best in small spaces. On your small deck, go for colors like tan, beige, white or sky blue. These colors lend visual brightness to a space and add instant visual square footage. 

5. Define your space

Defining areas of your deck for specific functions is a smart way to maximize your space.  Your eating, grilling, and lounging areas, for examples, should all have designated sections of the deck. Think about how you’ll use your small deck, then visually define these spaces with a rug, umbrella, lighting, or potted plants that will make it feel functional and comfortable.

These smart small deck designs can help you create a functional backyard space you can enjoy all season long. Ready to get started on your design? No matter how small, we have treated lumber, natural cedar, and Azek Cellular PVC options to create the deck of your dreams. Call 608.709.7517 or visit our showroom in Waunakee to talk with our home remodeling experts today.