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4 Summer Problems that Window Replacement Can Easily Solve

How upgrading your windows can help you enjoy summer even more.

High energy bills is one summer problem window replacement can solve.

After a long, cold winter, the joys of summertime in Southern Wisconsin are endless. Splashing in the lakes, hosting lively outdoor barbecues, and spending relaxing evenings under the stars are just a few of our favorite seasonal pastimes. But summer can also come with its fair share of downsides. High energy bills, bug invasions, child and pet safety hazards, and neighborhood noise disturbances are just a few of the most common ones. Here’s how Renewal by Andersen® window replacement can help you combat these issues during the summer months. 

1. High energy bills

Old and outdated windows allow your cooled indoor air to flow out and the warm summer air to flow in, causing your air conditioner to work overtime. Renewal by Andersen replacement windows feature a variety of sun-smart, low-E glass options that help prevent thermal transfer. Quality materials coupled with professional installation ensure incredible energy efficiency that could save you money on your power bill from the first month of installation. 

2. Bug invasions

Summertime is the prime season for unwanted insect and pest home invasions through damaged window screens and tiny gaps. Along with an upgrade in your windows, Renewal by Andersen window replacement also comes with new bug-detracting screens. Glass fiber insect screens are available with all new windows but if you live in a wooded or waterfront area prone to bugs and critters, you may need extra protection. Ask your window replacement professionals about Tru Scene® screens that practically invisible to the naked eye and keep out the smallest insects. 

3. Child and pet safety hazards

Opening your windows for fresh breeze is a refreshing way to enjoy a cool summer day. But if you have small children or pets that like to play near open windows, consider installing window guards or opening control devices that prevent the windows from opening wider than 4”. Your certified installer can easily mount these safety measures on double-hung, casement, or gliding windows so you have the peace of mind that your precious cargo is safe inside your home.

4. Neighborhood noise disturbances

Lawn mowers, playing children, and the sounds of nature are all pleasant summer noises most of the time, but what happens when you want a quiet house? Window replacement can help you block all the summertime commotion when you need to, and let it all in when you don’t. Ask about Renewal by Andersen's Low-E4® glass for optimum sound control and privacy. 

Window replacement can help you have a trouble-free summer so you can enjoy the season even more. To see the styles and options that are best to combat your summertime concerns, stop by our Waunakee Remodeling window replacement showroom or call 608.709.7517 today.

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