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Dream Kitchen Design Ideas for Culinarians [Infographic]

Cook up a stylish and functional kitchen with these delicious ideas.

Whether you have a passion for unique cuisine or simply like to dabble with new recipes, designing a kitchen to rival any avid Pinterest follower requires some thought and planning. What dream kitchen ideas are driving your remodeling prowess? If you’re a true culinarian, you want a space where you enjoy cooking. Get started on your kitchen remodeling journey by thinking about your style and the way you want your space to function.

These dream kitchen design ideas will help you achieve the style and function you need to create culinary masterpieces.

Set your style

Before you dive into the function of your new kitchen, hone in on your style. How do you want to feel when you’re cooking? What colors, design, and accessories come to mind? Whether you want a traditional look or dream of something sleek and modern, it doesn’t matter. What is important is that the space reflects your unique personality and motivates you to create deliciously indulgent dishes for those who love.

  • Traditional
    If traditional is your dream look, then consider adding wood beams and cabinets, chunky moldings, large windows, granite countertops, classically designed lighting, and metal hardware. A traditional kitchen typically feels warm and comfortable, which is why it’s smart to incorporate wood cabinetry, a natural stone countertop in complementary color tones, and earth-toned accessories so you can feel inspired to make your culinary creations come to life.
  • Modern
    If you’re a cook who loves a sleek and modern flare in your kitchen, incorporate plenty of clean lines into your design. Accomplish this by using a modern subway tile for a backsplash, waterfall edges on the counters, open shelving, stainless steel, and plenty of natural light overhead. Hidden storage will also give your room that clean and contemporary look that marks modern design.
  • Transitional
    If you don’t find yourself holding steadfast in neither the traditional or modern camps, you may have a transitional style. Just as if you’re adding a dash of this and a pinch of that when you’re cooking, you can mix and match your favorite elements from both design styles to create a look that is truly reflective of your style. Wood cabinets with a modern white countertop, for example, will help you create a timeless transitional look.

Form the function

When it comes to dream kitchen design ideas for those who love to cook, function should play a huge role in your plan. A kitchen remodel gives you an ideal opportunity to rethink your layout based on the way you cook, add storage options, and replace worn appliances. To make your kitchen a place where you enjoy creating culinary masterpieces, then you will want to incorporate plenty of useful features including:

  • Loads of prep space
  • A separate slop sink
  • An over-the-sink cutting board
  • A commercial exhaust system
  • Large-scaled commercial appliances
  • Plenty of built-ins (spice racks; pots holders; baking area)
  • A full-scale butler’s pantry for prepping, cooking, and hiding away the mess

Figure out which features would make your dream kitchen ideas come true, then determine where they make the most sense in your space – this is where an experienced kitchen remodeling design team comes in. They can help you identify the ideal flow based on your lifestyle and the types of foods you enjoy cooking the most. Incorporating sound kitchen design layout principles into your plan will ensure you are happy with the results.

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