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Home Remodeling Projects to Simplify Your Life and Home

Room-by-room ideas to boost efficiency and practicality in daily living.

If you feel like you’re on a merry-go-round that never stops, it may be time to figure out how to simplify your life. Our home remodeling projects for almost every room in the house can help you streamline your life and make the ride more enjoyable. 

Kitchen One of our home remodeling projects to simplify your life and home is double your appliances.

  • Double your appliances
    If you frequently entertain or you have a big family, installing double appliances can be a real time-saver. Two refrigerators allow you to store more food, a second dishwasher makes post-meal cleanup do double duty, and a double oven helps you cook big meals with ease.
  • Maximize storage
    Clutter is one of the first things that can make you feel as if life is anything but simple. The adage, “A place for everything, everything in its place” can go a long way in helping you simplify your life. Install creative storage in your kitchen for items that tend to create clutter, like baking sheets, cutting boards, measuring cups, sharp knives, and cook books – and allow yourself one “junk” drawer to store odds and ends.
  • Create more prep space
    There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to cook in small spaces with limited room to chop and dice. Throw in more than one cook in the kitchen, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for disaster. Smartly design your kitchen with ample preparation space to simplify your life in the kitchen. Install a prep sink, maximize counter space, and make your kitchen island multi-functional so you can cook meals with ease.

Laundry Room 

  • Relocate your washer and dryer
    Are you forced to drag your family’s clothes up and down multiple levels of stairs to wash, fold and put away? Relocating your laundry area from the basement to the first or second floor can make the chore much easier to handle. 
  • Install a chute
    If you don’t have room elsewhere in the house for a laundry room, consider installing a chute to make getting dirty clothes to your basement-bound washer and dryer quicker and easier for all.
  • Make a big impact in a small space
    Even if your laundry room is small, it doesn’t mean it can’t be simplified. Creative solutions for your cabinets, storage, and appliances can make laundry day more enjoyable. Check out this infographic containing 6 simple laundry room ideas for small spaces


  • Add a walk-in closet
    If you’re tired of schlepping your clothing from room to room every time the season changes, adding a walk-in closet will give you the space you need to store your four-season wardrobe in one place. Get inspired with these walk-in closet ideas.
  • Install closet organizers
    Life is hectic enough without always fighting to find a place to put things. Remake your closet by installing professional grade closet organizers, drawers, and shelving. An organized space will simplify your life and home, and help solve all of your bedroom storage needs. 
  • Add natural light
    If you’ve found yourself fumbling for a pair of jeans or wondering whether your socks match, you may be suffering from lack of light in your closet. If your roof allows, Velux® skylights offer the ideal amount of natural light without the worry of harmful UV rays penetrating your belongings. Choose from stationery styles and those that open for ventilation.


  • Install a double sink vanity
    Many couples find themselves fighting over sink time every morning. Eliminate this hassle in your daily routine by installing a second sink in your master bathroom. Not only will you enjoy a more peaceful start to the day, but you’ll also add value to your home. Check out these 5 beautiful master bathroom remodeling ideas
  • Add a powder room
    If having your guests traipse through your home and into the kids’ bathroom stresses you out, consider adding a powder room close to your entertainment area. Talk to a professional home remodeler about how to tie the plumbing to an existing water source, like your kitchen sink, laundry, or second-floor bathroom to save money. ​
  • Convert your tub into a shower
    Many homeowners enjoy the simple look and function of a walk-in shower better than a bathtub, especially in the master bathroom. A tub-to-shower remodel can give you a refreshed look and feel to your space and the bathroom of your dreams. Get affordable inspiration for converting your tub into a classy shower here.

Any Room

Go high tech! Today’s updates in smart home technology mean that you’ll never come home to a dark house again when you have timed lights. You can always enjoy the prefect temperature with remote heating and AC adjustment. You can listen mood music no matter where you are with whole-house surround sound, and even start your coffee from bed with a Wi-Fi-enabled brewing system. Adding more technology to your house can offer the help you need to make your hectic days easier to handle.

Ready to simplify your life and home with a few strategic home remodeling projects? Get the help you need from our home remodeling experts. We are ready to help you create the perfect environment to make your home a peaceful and relaxing escape. Visit our remodeling showroom or call us at 608.709.7517 to make an appointment for a free consultation.