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3 Home Office Design Ideas [Infographic]

Inspiration for a smarter and more productive home workspace.

Do you want to get more done at home? Designing a home office that fits your lifestyle and needs will transform the way you work. These home office design ideas incorporate some of our favorite ways to make sense of your home office space, no matter what you'll use it to accomplish. 

One of our home office ideas for creatives is to have plenty of open space.

1. For the Creative

Home offices for designers and creators require a special touch. Whether you design clothing, create iPhone® apps, or draft blueprints, you'll need a home office design that inspires creativity. Consider a layout that offers:

2. For the Administrator

Whether you're overseeing your home operations or administering for a Fortune 500 company, a smartly-designed home office can increase your efficiency by 20%. Choose a layout that gives you plenty of work and storage space. Include these productivity-inducing elements:

  • Large desk with filing drawers
  • Open wall shelving for storage, books, and mementos
  • Comfortable office chair with rollers
  • Calming blues or greens that create a stress-free environment
  • Wall of windows with neutral draperies
  • Recessed lighting

3. For the Student

When creating a study space for your kids, a home office design that will help them stay focused can make it far easier to master a subject. Incorporate these ideas for success:

  • Multiple workspaces in a modern, minimalistic style with limited distraction
  • Sufficient outlets for computers and equipment
  • Age-appropriate inspirational wall décor
  • Overhead task lighting
  • Clutter-free environment

With so many ways to design your home office, the options are only limited by your imagination. If you’re ready to make a more creative, productive, or focused place to work at home, give us a call at 608.709.7517 to find out how we can make your home office ideas a reality!

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