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6 Fireplace Refacing Ideas

Easy ways to infuse warmth and style into your home’s hearth.

A warm and stylish fireplace can transform your living space and offer a cozy retreat from the harsh arctic winds outside. Luckily, upgrading the look of your hearth doesn't mean you must start from scratch. Simply refacing your existing fireplace can make all the difference. Here are a few of our favorite fireplace refacing ideas:

1. Paint The options for refacing your fireplace range from paint to marble.

It's possibly the simplest option, but it works for many spaces: just choose an accent color you love and voila – an instant fireplace update! A bold mantle color is a dramatic way to define a fireplace that otherwise blends into your space. 

2. Reclaimed Wood

Covering brick or outdated stone with reclaimed wood adds a sophisticated and modern, yet rustic vibe. Choose to reface the fireplace surround, a vertical section of wall upward from the fireplace, or the entire wall. 

3. Floor to Ceiling  

If you have a mantle-height fireplace, consider refacing it in a new material and carrying it all the way to the ceiling. This update adds height, visual interest, and transforms your fireplace into an architectural showpiece. If you have ample space, add built-in bookshelves or entertainment centers on either side for a balanced look that's as beautiful as it is functional. 

4. Granite and Marble

Who says granite and marble are only for countertops? These natural stones offer strength, durability, and a timeless finish to both traditional and contemporary fireplaces. Be sure to complement your choice with other natural stone finishes that are within view.

5. Tile 

Tile is a popular fireplace refacing option because it can be cost effective and the options are endless. Go for ceramic tile to ensure that the material you choose can withstand the heat when your fireplace flames are roaring on a cold winter’s night.

6. Whitewashed Brick

Do you want to tone down the harsh red brick of your fireplace without resorting to drastic measures? A subtle whitewash treatment is one of the best ways to lend a traditional look to your space while upgrading it for the 21st century. 

If you're not sure which fireplace refacing option would work best in your space, let our home remodeling experts weigh in. We’re armed with loads of ideas for overhauling your hearth before the cold weather arrives! Visit our remodeling showroom in Waunakee or call 608.709.7517 today.

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