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8 Simple Living Room Improvement Projects

Relax and entertain in a welcoming space for family and guests. 

One of our living room improvement projects is to choose a focal point other than the television.
Photo credit: Country Living Magazine

Next to the kitchen, your living room is a hard-working area of your home that gets a lot of use. You, your family, and guests should feel comfortable enjoying time there. When you make it functional and inviting, you will find that it’s the perfect place to do just that. Keep reading to learn about living room improvement projects that will transform your space from an average room to your favorite spot in your home.

1. Choose a focal point

Start by choosing one main focal point for your living room. Although it could be a television, a piece of art, mirror, or fireplace can offer more visual appeal and help encourage conversation.

2. Accomodate children

If you have children living or visiting your home often, create a space for them to feel comfortable in your living room. An area with carpeting or a soft rug is the perfect foundation for fun. Add decorative storage bins for books and toys, and throw in some playful touches to make them feel welcome.

3. Arrange your furniture around a coffee table or ottoman

If you’d like your living room to be a hub of conversation, create a living room design with a smart furniture layout. Arrange your sofa and chairs around a coffee table or ottoman so that everyone can face one another. 

4. Pay attention to the lighting scheme

Interior design experts suggest using different types of light in your living room. Ambient lighting with dimmer switches, decorative lighting, and task lighting can all work together to create a warm and comfortable space. 

5. Add personal touches

To create a space that feels uniquely yours, adorn it with photographs, family heirlooms, and any other personal mementos that make your living room reflect you. Use inspiration from these ideas to create a living room gallery wall.

6. Hide the wires

If you’d like your living room to look clean and orderly, hide all wires. Disguising them with paintable cord covers, hiding them in decorative baskets, and concealing them with adhesive hooks on the back of your furniture can make your space look more inviting and reduce tripping hazards. If you’re renovating, talk to your contractor about installing strategically placed outlets on your floors to prevent cord clutter.

7. Incorporate natural wood

To make a large, open living room feel welcoming, incorporate natural wood for texture and warmth. Whether you install large beams, wood floors, or add an industrial-chic reclaimed wood fireplace surround, you’ll instantly make your living room cozier.

8. Add plenty of pillows

Pillows evoke comfort and relaxation. Choose coordinating prints and add them to all your seating areas for an enticing place to sink in and relax. Pillows can also add a pop of color and texture to your living room with minimal investment and effort.

Now that you know how to improve your living room with these living room design ideas, it’s time to start creating your design wish list. For more living room and whole-house design inspiration, visit our remodeling showroom in Waunakee or call us at 608.709.7517.