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2018 Home Organization Ideas by Month [Infographic]

Organize your home in the New Year with this month-by-month guide. 

After the holiday season, you may feel your house is more cluttered with “stuff.” If your goal for the New Year is to get your home more organized than ever before, you’re in luck. We’ve compiled this handy guide to home organization ideas that tackle one room each month.

One of our home organization ideas is to clear all unnecessary appliances from the kitchen counter.

January | Kitchen

  • Clear your kitchen counters of all appliances and select only a few essential ones to leave out.
  • If you have way too many plastic storage containers, donate or discard old ones and make sure the ones you keep have matching lids and bottoms.
  • Donate pots and pans you no longer use and store the remainder in a cabinet conveniently near the stove. Short on cabinet space? Hang them above your island or peninsula.

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February | Living Room

  • To declutter the living room in your home, use baskets to store toys and blankets, and install shelves to hold video games, DVDs, and other media items.
  • Remove any pictures or collectibles that make the space feel cluttered. If you’d like to display them, consider hanging floating shelves to your walls for displaying special pieces.
  • Hide any cords and wires that are creating visual clutter in a container that matches the decor of your living room. You can also replace long cords with shorter ones to a streamlined look.

March | Laundry Room

  • Take inventory of the items in your laundry room cabinets and remove anything that doesn’t belong, or you don’t need.
  • Organize your detergent, fabric softener, and other items in baskets or bins.
  • Create a calmer, more organized laundry room with built-in lockers, wall shelving, or another one of these six storage ideas.

April | Bathroom

  • Take everything out of your bathroom drawers and discard anything that is expired or unusable.
  • Use dividers, drawer organizers, makeup holders, and baskets to organize the items you have decided to keep.
  • If your shower is cluttered with shampoo, conditioner, body wash, razors, and other products, purchase a shower storage caddy and store these products there.

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May | Patio or Deck

  • Sweep your patio or deck floor so that it is free of dirt and debris that can make it appear messy and cluttered.
  • Store your patio or deck items such as cushions and accessories in an ottoman or storage bench.
  • If you grill and entertain outside often, create a chef-inspired outdoor kitchen built for maximizing fun and minimizing clutter all season long.

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June | Garage

  • Sort through the items in your garage and purge anything that is worn, damaged, or you simply don’t need.
  • Invest in highly durable storage bins, sturdy shelving, and/or a tool cabinet and organize the items you have chosen to keep.
  • If you find that you’re low on storage space, consider moving some of the larger seasonal or recreation items to a storage unit.

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July | Children’s Bedrooms

  • Invest in children’s furniture with built-in storage for storing books and seasonal clothing.
  • You can’t go wrong with a traditional toy box for your child’s room. If you’re a DIY crafter, learn how to create a custom toy box and personalize it with your child’s name.
  • Create a designated homework space completed with seating, a desk, and storage for backpacks, text books, and other supplies.

August | Mudroom

  • Add cubbies to your mudroom so that your children know where to put their belongings when they get home.
  • Use a shoe rack to organize shoes. Store shoes or boots that are not appropriate for the current season in the basement, garage, or storage closet.
  • Hang plenty of hooks for coats, hats, gloves, scarves, backpacks, and other items.
  • When organizing the master bedroom in your home, discard or donate any clothing items that no longer fit, or you don’t need.
  • Declutter your nightstands by placing books on a shelf and placing any other miscellaneous items in a “put away box” that you can empty when you’re done organizing.
  • Consider purchasing docking or charging station to neatly store and charge your electronic devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptop computers.

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October | Basement

  • Sort your items in storage into piles for donating, discarding, and keeping. Build shelves to store items you want to keep in stackable containers.
  • If you have a finished basement, assess your living space by organizing and neatly storing blankets, pillows, games, and other items in clearly labeled bins, boxes, or cubbies.
  • Take inventory of your bar items and use this article on how to set up and stock a home bar to determine which items to keep and where to put them.

Don’t have a bar, but wish you did? Whether you’re a beer, liquor, or wine lover, check out these basement bar ideas for every connoisseur.

November | Home Office

  • If you keep many books or reading materials in your home office, add bookshelves for a more organized home.
  • Clear all unnecessary papers and objects from your desk and only keep your computer, notepad, and a few other necessary items. All other items can be stored in drawers or bins.
  • Place any paperwork that needs to be addressed in the short term in a paper tray. All other documents that you need to save can be stored in a filing cabinet.
  • Remove pieces from your china cabinet that you no longer use or cherish. Too many items in a cabinet can make your dining room look cluttered.
  • Clear your dining room table of any mail, books, jackets, and anything else that belongs in a different room.
  • Simplify your décor for a clean and polished look. Get inspired with these minimalist dining room designs.

By dedicating each month of 2018 to organizing a different room, you can declutter your home and create a clean and neat environment that you and your family will be proud to show off. For ways our home remodeling services can help you live a more organized life, visit our Waunakee home remodeling showroom or call 608.709.7517 today.