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How to Winterize Your Home in Wisconsin

Learn how to winterize your home in Wisconsin.

During those long spring and summer days, it's easy to forget how quickly winter will wrap our homes in snow and ice. Taking action now and thinking about how to winterize your home for the next winter season is one of the smartest ways you can use the warmer months to your advantage. Our experts will help you make the best choices to keep your home warm, cozy, and safe this winter. 

A quick search on how to winterize home insulation, plumbing, windows and doors will yield thousands of results, many of them contradictory. Here's what our craftsmen suggest. 

Install New Insulation 
Many homes in Wisconsin would benefit from additional insulation in attics, walls, and even basements to help prevent heat transfer to the outdoors during the colder months. Older homes almost always have less-than-stellar insulation, and updating it could result in big savings on your power bill immediately. 

Replace the Air Filter in Your Furnace 
This is one step that's surprisingly easy to overlook. A dirty or clogged air filter stifles airflow, making your furnace work double-time to keep distributing enough warm air to heat your home. Replacing your furnace's air filter once a month during the winter is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to make sure your furnace is working as efficiently as possible. Go ahead and install a new filter now--and set a reminder on your phone or calendar so you won't forget to change it regularly. 

Have Your Fireplace Professionally Cleaned
A dirty fireplace isn't just messy; it can be a real safety hazard. If you have a wood burning fireplace, now is a great time to have it cleaned. Professionals will remove creosote buildup that can cause fires. They'll also clean out dirt and leaves that can accumulate during the off-season. You could also take time now to stock up on a good supply of well-dried firewood, which helps prevent soot buildup. 

Replace Old Windows & Doors
Old, drafty windows (and doors!) are one of the biggest culprits for warm air escape during the winter. Replacing old windows that seal poorly with high-efficiency replacement windows from Renewal by Andersen and old doors with energy efficient ProVia® entry doors and ProVia® storm doors could instantly lower your power bill, making your house significantly more comfortable, even when the wind chill dips far below freezing.

It’s never too early to think about winterizing your home. Talk to one of our remodeling experts to learn more about ways you can save energy and money by updating your home before winter hits once again.