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7 Signs it’s Time to Replace Your Windows

A foolproof guide to timing your window replacement project.

It’s not always easy to know when to replace windows. Should you replace or repair them, or leave them as they are? If you're not sure how to tell when it's time to replace your cracked, creaky, or leaky window, take heart! These are a few surefire signs that you need to consider having them checked out by a pro.

Know when to replace the windows in your Wisconsin home.

1. Your crimson rug faded to pink at record speed.

Rapidly-fading fabrics and painted surfaces indicate that damaging UV rays are invading your home at high levels. Upgrading your windows will provide the protection you need. The Low-E4® high-performance glass offered by Renewal by Andersen blocks 83% of UV rays to help keep your furnishings looking sharp for years to come.

2. Your guests refuse to sit near the windows during wintry weather.

If you notice friends or family members tend to leave their cold-weather gear on when sitting near your windows, it's time to address sealing issues. The solution might be as simple as replacing the weatherstripping, but in many cases, energy-efficient replacement windows are the best choice to keep Old Man Winter outside and lower your heating bills to boot.

3. Road noise starts to sound like jet engines taking off on your lawn.

Unless you live near an airport, excessive noise levels penetrating your home is not normal. It's an indication that your windows or doors don't seal well or that your home is improperly insulated.

4. It takes superhuman strength and a cup of strong coffee to open and close your windows.

Opening your windows shouldn't be a workout. If your sashes don't slide up and down with ease, it could be that they've been painted shut over the years, something is jammed, they’re rotted, or you need some lubricant on the slides. Consult with a window replacement expert to determine whether repair or replacement is in order.

5. You've spotted fault lines in your frames

If a quick visual inspection of your window frames reveals cracks, warped wood, or water damage, it’s doubtful a simple repair will fix the problem. It’s likely time to take the plunge and replace your windows.

6. Your turn-of-the-century home is finished with 1950's style windows.

The wrong style of window for your home's architecture can hurt your home's curb appeal and reduce its value more than you might expect. Consulting with window replacement professionals can guide you toward options that meet both function and style requirements for your home.

Take our window replacement match quiz to find out which window style is right for you!

7. Your windows are older than your parents.

Windows have a limited life span. If they were manufactured before the 1950s, they have only a single pane of glass, which does little to prevent thermal transfer. Even double-paned windows installed after the 1950s often have major issues that window replacement can sufficiently remedy.

Still in doubt about when to repair or replace your windows? Our home remodeling and window experts help you find the right windows for your home and your budget. Stop into one of our showrooms in Waunakee & Madison, or give us a call today at 608-849-5155!