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7 Bathroom Remodel Ideas on a Budget

Create a stunning space without the high cost with these bathroom remodel ideas on a budget from Waunakee Remodeling in Madison, WI.

Looking for bathroom remodel ideas on a budget? Trying to prioritize your remodeling project? Your dream bathroom doesn't have to stay in the realm of fantasy! Our biggest tip for homeowners on a budget is to invest in a few luxury features that steal the show, while keeping everything else low-key and allowing it to complement the style you've chosen. Make your bathroom vision come to life with these ideas to spruce up your bathroom without wrecking your wallet.

1. Replace your countertop 
Granite and marble countertops remain an incredibly popular choice. Because counter space in bathrooms is usually small, your new countertop won't cost as much as you might expect. You can save even more by considering less frequently used colors or purchasing an imperfect slab. If you can find one with the imperfections located where the sink basin will be installed, you've won the countertop jackpot--a great price on a beautiful countertop with imperfections no one will ever see. 

2. Be smart about tile 
If you've priced out tile, you know how quickly costs can add up, especially for highly-desirable artisan tile. Incorporating more than one type of tile in your design is one bathroom remodel idea that can really help control costs. Consider investing in a small amount of artisan tiles as an accent against a neutral, inexpensive framework. The high-end artisan tiles will stand out even more when framed by clean white inexpensive tiles, and you won't kill your budget before you make it out of the shower. 

3. Ask about clearance or overstocked fixtures
If you're looking for a deep claw-foot tub, pedestal sink, or just a faucet set that completes your design to perfection, start by asking your remodeler or local supplier about overstock or clearance items. You might just find the piece you've been dreaming about and pay far less than retail price. 

4. Embrace the vintage look
Instead of replacing your vintage fixtures, try a full-on vintage look. If still working properly, old fixtures may just need a good cleaning or a touch of TLC to get them looking their best. Play up old school tile with bright colors from the corresponding decade for a cohesive feel. In this example, midcentury fixtures sing next to sunny yellow and a funky sunburst mirror. 

5. Opt for pre-fabricated fabulous
Keep costs low by using pre-fabricated or showroom stock cabinets. Create your own unique look by adding some moulding and custom hardware in a style that complements your home décor.

6. Look to the ceiling 
Don't overlook the ceiling when you remodel! Adding a fun or unique detail to the ceiling can be a very budget-friendly way to spruce up a space. Whether you're staying conservative with color or going for an all-out glam look, a pop of color or design on the ceiling will draw the eye upward and heighten the feel of your space. A bold solid color (framed by trim, if you don't already have any) works well with just about any decorating style, or try a geometric stencil pattern on the ceiling for a unique touch. 

7. Don't be afraid to think outside the box
It's easy to stay on the safe (or easy) side when it comes to bathroom remodeling, but the bathroom is a great place to let your true colors shine! Feel like you need a professional opinion or help with installation? Our experts at Waunakee Remodeling would love to talk to you about your ideas and plans. Either way, don't hesitate to get ideas from friends and family and try out something entirely new! You won't regret it. 

Ready for some inspiration? Feel free to stop in to one of our remodeling showrooms in Waunakee & Madison, or give us a call today at 608-849-5155 to discuss your bathroom remodeling ideas with one of our experts!