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Kitchen Remodel Ideas to Fit Your Lifestyle

Get kitchen remodel ideas to fit your lifestyle from Waunakee Remodeling in Madison, Wisconsin.

Do you love to cook for your family, or is throwing parties more your style? Looking for kitchen remodel ideas that will transform your kitchen into an effective multipurpose space? Just want to go with more earth-friendly options while updating your look? There's a perfect kitchen for everyone. The key is uncovering the hidden potential in your space.

Endless Entertainer 

Endless Entertainers are experts at bringing people together and making the conversation, memories, and good times flow freely. In order to make the most of those opportunities, every entertainer needs an efficient, well-designed kitchen to make it happen.

First, consider the way you use space and the number of people you typically entertain. Opening the kitchen to the dining room or hangout area makes it easy for you to interact with guests while prepping and serving food. Next, think about how your appliances can make your soirees even better. HGTV suggests specialty units like refrigerator doors and wine coolers to keep essentials within easy reach. For large get-togethers, double dishwashers might be well worth the investment.

Forever Foodie

For the culinary aficionado, the kitchen is all about food prep, which means designing and organizing the kitchen for efficiency. The Kitchen Triangle theory is a great place to start. The idea is that the key points in your kitchen (the sink, stovetop, and refrigerator) are all approximately equidistant and within 6-9 feet of each other. Even if you regularly use other appliances like the microwave, or enjoy the company of “sous chef” helpers, the kitchen triangle can still be applied to fit the way you like to cook. The trick is to evaluate the way you use the space and determine the type of layout that would work best for you.

Multitasking Master

For large and busy families, small homes with limited communal space, or both, kitchen design is all about versatility. Depending on the amount of space you have, one kitchen remodel idea to consider is incorporating an eat-in kitchen, which could simplify mealtime and make this commonly used area the perfect homework/dinner/hangout space. Or incorporate an island to double as a breakfast bar and food prep space. No room or budget to build an island? This Old House suggests that an oversized bar-height table could also be a smart and functional addition to your kitchen.

Green Guru 

The environmentally-conscious may opt for an eco-friendly kitchen that is thoughtfully designed to conserve energy. Upgrading your windows to more energy-efficient options is a great starting place, and Renewal by Andersen offers several glass options to cut down on thermal transfer. Reusing fixtures from your old kitchen--like a nearly-new sink installed in your new countertop--is a great way to repurpose rather than adding to the landfill. Choosing Energy Star appliances means you'll use 10-50% less energy than you would with standard models. 

How can your kitchen work better for you? Check out our gallery for more kitchen remodel ideas, or feel free to talk to one of our experts about kitchen remodeling options to fit your lifestyle. You might be surprised how much functionality you can add to your space with a kitchen that is custom designed for the way you live.