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5 Family-Friendly Bathroom Storage Ideas

Do you feel like your bathroom is covered in rubber duckies, an assortment of upended bottles, or a carpet of damp, discarded towels? It might be time to simplify your space by adding family-friendly organization that's attractive for the grown-ups and easy for the kids.

Here are 5 of our favorite bathroom storage ideas for organizing your family’s belongings. 

1. Trade your towel bar for a row of hooks

Organize your bathroom with these 5 family friendly bathroom storage ideas.

















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We've all done it—stuffed a towel haphazardly over the bar when we're in a hurry. Folding a towel neatly and replacing it can be especially tricky for small hands, but a row of decorative hooks will give each family member an easy-to-use space for their own towel (no fussy tri-folds necessary). 

2. Replace that plastic step stool with a pull-out drawer stool




















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We don't have a magical solution for the Legos that line your path to the bathroom on a regular basis, but you'll never have to trip over that unsightly bathroom stepstool again once you've replaced it with a clever pull-out stepstool drawer built right into your vanity. 

3. Increase your sink space















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If every morning brings a fight for the sink, adding a second sink to your bathroom can be a great way to streamline your daily routine. This also gives you the perfect opportunity to add more drawer storage space so you finally have that perfect place for wayward bobby pins when they're not in use.

4. Add high shelves
















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If you need more storage space for extra bathroom toiletries, a narrow above-the-door shelf with decorative brackets, or even square baskets mounted on the wall, make attractive storage options to keep your stowaway items presentable and out of the reach of small hands. 

5. Install cubbyholes 





















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If you're considering a bathroom remodel, incorporating built-in cubbyholes is a storage idea that will work wonders for keeping clutter at bay. Use the new space to store towels, toiletries, and extra supplies. For a quick fix, try adding shower caddies under the sink. You'll give each family member a space for their own belongings so you can enjoy a clutter-free bathroom and avoid squabbles about who actually owns that hairbrush.

Whether you have a specific plan in mind or just a blurry mental picture of the bathroom you've dreamed about, our experts are skilled in bathroom remodels and can offer suggestions and advice to keep your bathroom belongings effortlessly organized.

If you're still not sure exactly which bathroom storage ideas would work best for your bathroom, contact our remodeling experts online or stop by our showroom today.