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Basement Bar Ideas for Every Connoisseur

Get basement bar ideas for every connoisseur from Waunakee Remodeling in Madison and Waunakee, WI.

Thinking about remodeling your basement bar? Whether you're a whiskey (wo)man or a bonafide oenophile (wine lover), we have basement bar ideas to match your taste.

The Brewmaster

If you're a beer aficionado, you have countless home bar options--from widely distributed beers you can keep at the perfect temperature in a new basement cooler, to top-of-the-line draft systems that'll deliver ice cold beer from the keg to your glass.  Having beer on tap is an attractive option, but it's only practical if you'll have enough comrades to help you drink it before it passes its peak quality. We can help you add plenty of counter space and install a kegerator if you want to go with the draft option. Plenty of shelves for your collection of pint glasses will add “street cred” to your brewmaster status. 

The Whiskey Wonder 

If a shot of Knob Creek over ice is more your style, you'll want a bar to accommodate a variety of specialty whiskeys. An integrated shelf keeping your top choices on display and well within reach is one basement bar idea that adds style, and allows you to use your new bar space just the way you want it--especially when finished off with your cut glass decanter or rustic whiskey barrel. If you prefer to drink your whiskey neat, investing in curved whiskey glasses and installing built-in storage for your collection is sure to impress. 

The Aspiring Sommelier 

The wine lover's dream bar offers plenty of counter space, often with decorative above-the-head wine glass storage, a built-in wine cooler (or two) below the counter, and eye-catching wine racks to show off your best bottles of vintage. Sophisticated, contrasting textures are a popular choice for custom wine bars, whether you want to add a taste of elegance to your remodeled basement, something more rustic, or a little bit of both. 

Strategically using existing features of your space--like high, narrow basement windows just over a bar--gives you the chance to capitalize on an aspect of your old basement you previously thought was an eyesore. Existing pillars flanking a new bar set-up or finished with a wraparound counter that extends your seating space will make your basement look like it was meant to be a dream bar all along. 

Whether you know exactly what you want or are just tossing around a few basement bar ideas, our Madison area experts would love to talk to you about your dream bar. We'll dream with you and add our remodeling expertise to the mix to help you solidify and perfect your ideas.