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New Windows, New Look

How new replacement windows transformed the look and feel of Mike & Rhonda’s Janesville home.

1| The Problem

Learn how replacement windows transformed this home in Janesville, Wisconsin.
Before: Poorly finished round windows were causing water damage.

When Mike and Rhonda purchased a three-year-old home in Janesville, they knew it would come with general upkeep and routine repairs, but they never suspected that their purchase would include dilapidated windows. Their new home’s windows were loosely sealed, impossible to clean, and the inside frames were finished with too little lacquer, spreading water spots like chicken pox.

2| The Project

During: Shiny new Andersen windows are placed.

Because The Browns weren’t particularly “mechanically-inclined,” installing 22 new replacement windows in their kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and living room themselves wasn’t a feasible option. The company they had worked with on their previous home didn’t live up to their expectations, so they needed to find a new partner.1

3| The Solutions
Mike and Rhonda were pleasantly surprised by Andersen’s high-quality window replacement options. Finally they found windows that were a snap to use, open, and clean, and available with finish options in a wider variety than they had seen elsewhere. A couple of the noteworthy benefits to the double-hung and casement Andersen windows2 The Browns selected include:

  1. Increased Air Flow & Natural Light During the quoting process, Mike and Rhonda worried that they might be limited to expensive quarter round and round windows that matched their existing frames. Luckily, their salesman found a solution: why not swap the round windows for square windows and cut their expenses in half? The Browns were apprehensive at first, worried that square windows would detract from the unique style of their home. In the long run, they found that square windows actually let in more light and improved the overall interior styling of their rooms. Whereas round windows would have stayed permanently closed, their new square windows brought welcome air circulation to the north side of their home.
  2. A Warmer Basement Thanks to Andersen’s top-quality replacement windows and tight seals, Mike and Rhonda’s once-chilly basement was made cozy and wam. While completing the window replacement, the installers found that essential insulation was missing and were able to correct the problem in one fell swoop.

4| The Results

After: Easy to use windows and more light.

Apart from the obvious benefits of a better-ventilated home and a warmer basement, Mike and Rhonda found their new replacement windows visually striking, simple to clean, and easy to open. Tight seals mean that their home is noticeably warmer in winter, and cooler in summer, and they’re no longer plagued by unsightly water damage.

Overall, The Browns left the project feeling impressed by the team’s professionalism, knowledge, and quality of work. Clean up and haul away of leftover materials was performed daily to ensure the safety and comfort of the homeowners and their pets, and complete demo and installation of 22 replacement windows was completed within five days of the contract timeline.

Mike and Rhonda love their windows so much that they’re planning to have the window installation and sales team back to the house next month to replace siding to finally complete their dream home.

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