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6 Home Energy Saving Tips to Save You Money This Winter

Save energy while saving green with these practical tips.

The first of our home energy saving tips for homeowners in Madison, WI is to take advantage of warm wintertime sun rays.

As the nights grow longer and the temperatures dip lower in Wisconsin, many homeowners will seek ways to cut costs in their energy bill. Plan ahead by following these practical home energy saving tips to keep you and your family warm this winter without breaking the bank.

1. Soak up some sun rays for your home
Though not as influential in the wintertime as in the summertime, sunlight can certainly improve your energy costs. Pull back the curtains on south-facing windows to let the natural heat in, then close them snug at night to ensure that heat won’t escape.

2. Chase down pesky drafts
Draft sources from siding cracks, door sweeps, chimney crevices, and other places send your hard-earned money flying out the window (literally). To combat these leaks in the short-term, invest in some good grade insulation, caulking and weather strips. Contact a professional to see whether replacement doors and/or windows will be the ultimate long-term energy- and money-saver.

3. Keep your HVAC running smoothly
This no-brainer concept is probably one of the most important home energy saving tips to remember. A simple maintenance regimen, like changing the air filter periodically, is all that’s really needed to prevent future heater hassles. Be sure to schedule a routine ‘checkup’ for your heater, too.

4. Get a programmable thermostat
With a thermostat that can automatically adjust itself, there’s no need to worry about manually adjusting the settings. Just program your desired heating schedule and technology will take care of the rest. If you don’t have a programmable thermostat, set the heat down by a degree or two to make up the difference.

5. Turn town the temperature of your water heater
Did you know that the water heater alone contributes to 18% of total home energy costs? To help beat this expense, turn town your thermostat to 120 F degrees. Your bank account - and your hands - will thank you for doing so.

6. Make the season bright the energy-friendly way
LED lights carry a fraction of the cost when compared to traditional holiday lighting. And when your dwelling is lit up in holiday cheer for almost two months, those savings can add up pretty quick in the next bill.

For more home energy savings tips and holiday home prep tips, contact us anytime at (608)849-5155. Give yourself energy saving merriment this winter season!