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Inventive and Unexpected Attic Remodel Ideas

Make the dead space in your home come alive.

One of our inventive attic remodel ideas is to turn your space into a bright and cheery playroom.

Why not use every square inch in your home to the fullest? Enliven your attic’s dead space with one of our inventive attic remodel ideas:

Master-ful Bath
If your home could use an equity boost, consider turning part of your attic space into a full bath. There are imaginative ways to fit showers under angled ceilings, and experts say that a bonus full bath can add 20% to your home’s overall value.

Get your creative juices flowing with some bird’s-eye bathroom layout ideas here.

Petite Playroom
The little ones in your life need space and surface area to be creative. Stock your attic with kid-friendly tables, chairs, bean bags, and cubby storage made for craft supplies and toys. It’s the picture-perfect quiet space for reading, homework, and hobbies.

Yogi’s Paradise
Self-declared yogis, your attic is waiting to be transformed into an at-home yoga studio. Yoga Journal suggests choosing calming, muted tones, and soft lighting. We suggest a smooth, yielding floor and large windows for ample natural light.

The wood-topped attic library, via Apartment Therapy.

Little Library
The smartest attic remodel for bibliophiles is the personal library. Line your walls with shallow shelving and cover your ceiling with hardwood. We love the idea of installing hardwood on the ceiling for a dose of warmth and stateliness.

Tucked-away Theater
The attic vies with the basement for the title of “ultimate home theater space” because they’re both separate from the rest of house. Go ahead, blast the bass from your custom sound system without disturbing folks on the first floor. Wall mount your television and have your remodeler install soundproofing panels on the ceiling.

Office Space
Yearning for a highly practical home office but can’t fit it into your current floor plan? Your attic can become a polished, professional office with multiple computer stations and printing space. Skylights minimize glare on computer screens, making them a sound choice for the attic home office.

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