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23 Kitchen Island Ideas

Find the right multi-purpose surface for the center of your home.

The kitchen island—it’s the central hub of your home. Here are 23 kitchen island ideas to add style and utility to your kitchen.

1. The Ultimate Island

One of our favorite kitchen island ideas is to use a long, multi-tier island with angles that aid accessibility.

Two tiers make this refined island a friendly space for chefs and eaters alike. Thanks to a slight angle, guests can have an extended surface area within arm’s reach.

2. Little Hi-Low

The little Swiss Army Knife of islands, this piece has a dining area at bar-stool height, and small utensil drawers and large storage for pots and pans underneath.

3. Sleek Sidewall

Love your granite? Let it cascade over the side of your kitchen island with a waterfall edge.

4. Wine Country

Leave room in your island for a stainless steel wine refrigerator with easy access to libations.

5. Isle of Induction

Modernize your cooking experience by installing an induction cooktop.

6. Pop of Color

Spark some visual interest by painting your island’s underside scrollwork blue, yellow, or bright red.

7. Perfect Fit

Is your kitchen an unusual shape? Your island can be cut to fit perfectly within angular bump outs.

8. Cookbook Nook

Otherwise unused end caps can provide shelving space for cookbooks and collectibles (via One Kind Design).

9. Kibble Cubby, Part 1

Our kitchen island ideas extend to pets too! Minimize canine clutter by using end cap island shelving to store treats, food dishes, medications, and more (via This Old House).

10. Fresh Timber

Does your personal taste skew modern-eclectic? Create a bar top from rustic wood and surround it with a modern canvas of stark white (via Design Mag).

11. Stone Centerpiece

Natural stone is an unusual finish that brings earthy texture to your space (via Shannon Berry Design Blog).

12. Dine In

Create an in-kitchen dining space by leaving room under either side of your island to store four or more stools (Via Decorpad).

13. On Display

Minimalistic open shelving creates display space for plants, pitchers, bowls, and books in this midcentury kitchen (via The Life Creative Blog).

14. Material Medley

Wood, granite, glass, and metal work well together in this L-shaped island.

15. Butcher’s Block

Showcase the warmth and beauty of natural wood with a butcher block island top.

16. Island Waters

Wash your hands where you assemble ingredients and roll out pastry by adding a second kitchen sink.

17. Mobile Unit

If you’re so short on space that you can’t commit to a traditional island, try a roll cart (via Better Homes and Gardens).

18. Support System

We love the idea of adding columns to the corners of large islands—sturdy and stylish! (via the 11 Best)

19. Kibble Cubby, Part 2

This island design provides pets with easy access to food but keeps treat bags and miscellany behind drawer doors (via Traditional Home).

20. On the Sideboard

Try an alternative approach to the island with a long sideboard table that complements your cabinetry finishes (via House Beautiful).

21. Lowercase L

Contemporary and compact, this L-shaped island has ample cabinetry and a sink complete with rinsing area.

22. French Country

Islands come in all shapes and sizes, and one of them is oval (via Flickr).

23. Cue the Contrast

Even traditionally-styled kitchens benefit from a dose of contrast. This large ebony island makes a bold statement amidst white walls and cabinetry.

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