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Rainwater Harvesting with Rain Barrels [Infographic]

How-tos and benefits of this water-saving process.

Do you love doing your part to preserve environmental resources? If the answer is yes, rainwater harvesting should be the next project on your home improvement docket. 

This infographic explores rainwater harvesting, an environmentally-conscious way to keep your lawn, garden, and Mother Earth healthy.









What is rainwater harvesting?
Rainwater harvesting is the process of collecting rainwater to reuse in your garden instead of letting it run off to sewer systems. It has long history as an environmentally-conscious way to get double duty from the earth’s natural showers. In fact, even before urban centers were developed, rainwater was collected and filtered as needed for drinking, gardening, and agriculture.

Why should I harvest rainwater?
When you water your lawn and garden with harvested rainwater, you’re preserving a valuable resource – drinking water. It’s also completely free of charge and puts no additional strain on city water supplies or private wells.

How does harvesting work?
According to Garden Gate Magazine, any rainwater harvesting system consists of 3 parts:

1. Collection
Your home’s gutter system filters rain water to downspouts. To collect the water, place a rain barrel at each of your home’s downspouts. 

2. Transportation
As it rains, water moves along your home’s storm water drain system. Make sure that you have a 5-inch gutter and 3-inch downspout so water moves freely. 

3. Storage
Use a rain barrel or other large catch basin to store the rainwater you collect. Set it on top of cinder blocks over gravel to drain water from your foundation, and place it as close as possible to your garden so transport is easy. 

How much water can I expect to collect?
The amount of rain water you can collect depends on the square footage of your roof and how much rain falls. During a 1-inch rainfall, for example, you can collect approximately 600 gallons from a 1,000 square foot roof. 

Can I make my own barrels?
You certainly can. There are many great resources on creating your own barrels. If you’re not a handy type, you can always buy a rain barrel at your local home improvement store. 

New to rainwater harvesting and in the Madison, Wisconsin area? Check out the city of Madison’s notes on rain barrels for help.

So, you’re set on rainwater harvesting but your roof, gutter, and drainage system aren’t up to par? Don’t fret. We can help! Give our Madison-area remodeling professionals a call at 608.709.7517 today to talk roofing, gutters, and about your green remodeling ambitions.