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Exterior Window Decoration Ideas that Pop

Dress up your home’s façade with these 5 home projects.

One of our easy-to-follow exterior window decoration ideas is to add flower boxes for a pop of color.

Windows occupy a crucial but often-overlooked aspect of home decorating. It's easy to neglect them--especially their exterior. These window decoration ideas will help you transform this snubbed space into another expression of your home’s style. 

1. Box of blooms 
Traditional flower boxes offer a beautiful splash of color, and they're relatively easy to install, whether you build them yourself or purchase them. Your flower boxes can be streamlined and slim to complement the rest of your landscaping, or you can add larger boxes overflowing with a profusion of summer flowers for a stunning statement. When fall rolls around, decorate your flower boxes with pumpkins, white lights, and other harvest-inspired adornments. 

2. Garden variety
Decorative brackets and a simple paint job are all you need to add an elegant shelf to the base of your window that's perfect for displaying a container herb garden. Choose eye-catching pottery and a sunny spot, then opt for easy-growing herbs such as sweet basil, mint, oregano, and parsley. Succulents are also a great choice. You’ll have a beautiful window decoration and delicious garden garnishes for your favorite summer dishes. 

3. Go for grilles
Grilles can revolutionize the appearance of your windows. This job is best done by a professional who can properly help you select and install windows with grilles that complement your home’s style. Whether you’re going for a Farmhouse, Colonial, Prairie, or Modified Prairie style, or a completely custom look, Renewal by Andersen replacement windows offer styles and options for every style of home.

4. Pint-sized pergola
Pergolas aren't just for patios. A small pergola around an exterior window will add an interesting architectural element to an otherwise flat, uninteresting exterior wall. Adorn your window pergolas with creeping ivy or trailing flowers, like wisteria, to complement the landscaping in the rest of your yard.

5. Technicolor shutters
If your windows have shutters, consider painting them to coordinate or contrast with your exterior siding color. Don’t be afraid to think outside the typical white and black shutters. Have some fun! Colors like ocean blue, olive green, mustard yellow, or apple red can add considerable charm to your home’s exterior personality.

These window decoration ideas are just a few ways you can make your home's exterior look brand stylish and new. For more ideas and help upgrading your windows, contact our Madison-area window replacement experts today.

Photo credit: Tale from the Coop Keeper