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When to Replace Windows Based on Your Home’s Age - Janesville, Wisconsin Edition

Replace your antique windows in Janesville, Wisconsin if they were ever exposed to lead-based paint.

Our survey of Janesville, Wisconsin homes revealed neighborhoods of varied ages with period-specific windows. If your windows are original to your home and you’re wondering when to replace them, just consider when your home was built. Read on to learn whether you should keep or replace your windows based on your home’s age:


You own a historical home! Along with charm and character, your windows may also be damaged and contain dangerous materials.

  • Keep if: Windows are in good shape, are antique and impossible to replicate, or are made from leaded or stained glass
  • Replace if: Windows were painted with (or were surrounded by) lead-based paint or are a serious burden on your home energy costs


This is the awkward tweener stage for windows—they are usually too old to be completely functional, and too new to be cherished as antiques.

  • Keep if: Frames are in good shape and the style of your windows complement both your home and your personal style
  • Replace if: Frames, especially those made of wood, are cracked, rotting, insect damaged, or shrunken


If your home was built during this time period, chances are you’re in the clear. However, windows of inferior quality can degrade quickly, often within a span of 15 years.

  • Keep if: Your windows still keep your home snug and stylish, and open and close easily
  • Replace if: Windows get stuck frequently, their hardware is worn or broken, or you notice moisture frequently forming on the glass

Have more questions about when to replace your windows in Janesville, Wisconsin? Contact our window experts online for more suggestions. Our replacement windows are made by Renewal by Andersen®, so you can count on beauty, durability, and energy efficiency for decades to come. Learn more here or give us a call today at 608.709.7517.