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4 Exterior Home Remodeling Projects to Top Your List

One of our exterior home remodeling projects is to clean and repair your roof.

Sunshine and cool breeze will shift to sleet and blustery winds before you know it. Is your home ready? These exterior remodeling projects are easy to overlook, but they make a world of difference in your home's look and feel. Now is the perfect time to check them off your list and enjoy the many benefits.

1. Our strips are sealed

Replacing the weather stripping or re-caulking around windows will help prevent icy drafts and could even lower your heating bill this winter. Caulking and weather stripping are fairly straightforward DIY projects. If your windows have more serious problems, it may be best to replace them entirely. If you’re unsure whether your windows just need repair or replacement, contact a professional to ensure you’re protected from the elements before the cold weather hits. 

2. Raise the roof

Remove debris like leaves, branches, and moss from your roof, and inspect it for damage from accumulated fall and winter damage. To protect your safety, it’s best to hire a roof professional to examine your roof to see whether repair or replacement is necessary. 

3. Free the gutters!

Autumn is hard on gutters. Leaves, small sticks, and other debris tend to collect quickly. Combined with any leaks your gutters may have developed during the spring and summer, that can be a recipe for an inefficient gutter system that can result in major drainage problems. Avoid those issues by cleaning your gutters and caulking any leaks. Professional gutter maintenance is also important for protecting your home against water erosion.

4. Dodge the draft

Old, flimsy doors that don't seal well can create heat-escaping weak spots. Save on energy costs by replacing those exterior doors with energy efficient ones. You'll keep your home more comfortable for the winter season, add a little extra style, and show your energy bills who’s boss.

For more tips on winterizing your home or help with any of these exterior home remodeling projects (or others you've been thinking about), call us or stop by one of our showrooms today.