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Walk-in Closet Design Ideas [Infographic]

Love clothes? Learn to love where you keep them.

Starting a master bedroom project? Consider adding or revamping your walk-in closet. Here are 5 walk-in closet design ideas that use storage, color, and design elements to create functional, beautiful spaces:

This infographic features 5 smart, stylish, and efficient walk-in closet design ideas.

1| Acute Angle
Have an angled ceiling? No problem. Add tall shelves to the tallest part of the room, facing the narrowest part. Install skylights in the angled ceilings for natural light (and natural privacy) and mirrors along the walls for dimension.

2| Runway Ready
Take the galley kitchen approach to the walk-in closet. Line both sides of your walk-in with drawers at waist level, add open shelving for foldables, and room for hanging clothes up top. Finish everything in timeless, bright white with overhead lighting and pale hardwood flooring.

3| Boho Boutique
We love the simple style of this walk-in. Shelving for tops and bottoms on one side, with space for hats, bags, shoes, and luggage on the opposite wall. A double-hung window with built-in seat provides light for dressing and a convenient place to sit as you’re tying up shoelaces (or buckling up strappy stilettos). Add quirky prints, poufs, and an armchair upholstered in pinstripes or plaid.

4| Golden Glow
If windows are a no-go, try backlit shelving. It casts a warm glow that’s as practical as it is inviting. If you have a lot of space, try backlit storage for shirts, slacks, skirts, ties, and bedding. Add pull-out drawers at the bottom of your closet to keep dress shoes unscuffed. Add a dimmer switch to keep light low so you can get dressed in the morning without waking your partner in the next room.

5| Looking Glass
The last of our walk-in closet ideas demonstrates that small walk-in closets can bring big style. This example features a double chest of drawers and two racks for hanging clothes. We love the addition of a small vanity because it eliminates the age-old morning traffic jam at the bathroom sink.

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