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8 Best Bathroom Trends for 2018

If bathroom remodeling is on your to-do list in the New Year, you’re in luck! We’ve compiled eight of the best bathroom trends for 2018 to inspire you to transform your space into an updated and relaxing oasis to begin and end each day. From the latest in bathroom colors and tiles to trends in bathroom fixtures, these ideas will quickly top your design wish list.

How to Turn Your Bathroom into a Spa

Interior designers in today’s world-class spas have a knack for making spaces feel relaxing enough to release all the stress and tension from your body from the moment you arrive. So why not harness that Zen-like experience and create a luxurious space you can enjoy every day at home? If you’ve been wondering how to turn your bathroom into a spa, we have six floor-to-ceiling updates that will have you saying, “ahhh.”

5 Beautiful Master Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Hoping to transform your bath from blah to beautiful? Get inspired by the following five master bathroom remodeling ideas.

6 Bathroom Design Trends for 2017 Infographic

If you’re looking for stylish bathroom remodeling ideas to launch your home into 2017, use our trend-filled infographic to keep these top bathroom designs in mind.

3 Stylishly Smart Tub to Shower Remodel Ideas

If you’re considering a tub to shower remodel to streamline the look of your bathroom or make it more functional, or both, you’re on to something. Today’s design trends point to beautiful and luxurious master bathrooms – sans the tub. 

Minimalist Bathroom Remodeling Ideas - Photo Guide

Sometimes, less is more. We’ve found 9 bathroom remodeling ideas with a minimalist spirit—they maximize function and celebrate form while keeping all things clean and simple.

17 Stunning and Functional Bathroom Tile Ideas

Tile is an oft-used bathroom material because it’s pretty to look at and tough against water, grime, and general wear and tear. Here are 17 of our favorite bathroom tile ideas that blend beauty and smarts.

Bird’s-eye Bathroom Layout Ideas [Infographic]

Having a hard time visualizing a fresh layout for your bathroom? Let’s take a top-down view of smart layouts that maximize amenities, space, and style. 

How Much Does It Cost to Remodel a Bathroom? [Infographic]

Outdated laminate? Drippy faucets? If a leaky or unsightly bathroom has you day-dreaming of granite and touchless faucets, it’s probably time for a bathroom remodeling project. But first, let’s answer the big question: how much does it cost to remodel a bathroom?

The Stress-Free Bathroom Remodel

Ever dreamed of taking on your ideal bathroom remodel project for your home? From marble countertops and heated floors to that luxurious tile you’ve been eyeing up, it can be easy to get lost in your vision for the ultimate bathroom, and run into stress-inducing pitfalls during the process.