6 Common Gutter Replacement Signs

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Watch for these indications that your gutters need replacing.

Now that April showers are on their way, it’s time to inspect your gutters to ensure they are channeling water away from the foundation of your home. When they perform their intended function, they can prevent a variety of costly home damages, including roofing damage, soffit and fascia rot, mosquitos, mold, foundation damage, basement flooding, a heaving driveway, and landscape erosion. Replacing your gutters can save money and headaches down the road.

Here are six common gutter replacement signs you should be on the lookout for:

1. Sagging

One of the easiest ways to find out whether you need new gutters is to check to see if they are sagging. If you are standing on the ground and notice that your gutters are pulling away from your home, they may need to be replaced. They are likely filled with water and clogged with debris, like leaves and pine needles, that can lead to costly damage.

2. Basement Flooding

Water pouring into an old, failing gutter system may find its way from your home’s foundation and into your basement. If you notice flooding in your basement, get your gutters inspected to see if they are the culprit.

3. Cracks or Holes

A few cracks and holes don’t typically signify the need for a gutter replacement because they can be corrected with a bit of sealant and flashing. However, if you notice many areas with cracks and holes, your home’s foundation may become weak, and a new gutter system is likely necessary.

4. Peeling Paint

If you notice peeling paint on your home, water damage from faulty gutters is probably to blame. If water can hang around long enough to peel paint from excess moisture, your gutters are likely malfunctioning and need replacement.

5. Pooling Water

Water pooling on your roof or in puddles on the ground beneath your gutter system indicate that your gutter system is not working. New gutters can properly direct water through your gutter system and towards the downspouts.

6. Separation

If your gutter system is beginning to separate, replace it. Gutters can only work correctly if they are fastened together in one continuous channel.


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