6 Deck Maintenance Tips

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Learn how to maintain your wood deck for years to come.

Now that the winter is behind us, it’s time to gear up for good times on your deck. It’s beneficial for you! In fact, studies have shown that spending time outside can make you healthier by increasing your vitamin D, reducing stress, and enhancing mood among many other benefits. But hanging out in your backyard is no fun if your deck is sub-par. If you’ve noticed signs of post-winter wear and tear, follow these deck maintenance tips for wood decks to restore its beauty just in time for summer get-togethers:

1. Give it a bath

Sometimes a worn-out deck just needs a thorough cleaning to make it sparkle like new again. Start by removing all outdoor furniture, including your grill. Use a leaf blower to remove leaves and debris from its surface, then use a pressure washer to clean dirt and grime. Be sure to keep the pressure stream moving so that you don’t damage your deck. You can also use a garden hose to get the job done.

2. Fix loose nails

If your deck has any loose nails, be sure to fix them to avoid injuries during your first warm-weather cookout. Scan the surface carefully and look for nails that have popped up or worked loose from the boards. Remove the nails with a hammer and use a screw that’s longer than the nail to reattach the deck boards.

3. Replace split or rotten planks

Natural wood decks can split, rot, cup, or crown if they are exposed to excess moisture or haven’t been properly treated. If you notice areas of your deck that need repair, follow this tutorial for replacing a deck plank. Don’t be alarmed if the newly installed board appears higher than the other boards. It may shrink over a few weeks as it loses moisture. If it doesn’t, you can use a belt sander to align it with the rest of your deck.
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4. Sand and apply sealant or stain

One of our tips for maintaining your deck is to apply a sealant every year to help repel water and prolong the life of your wood deck. Before you begin, sand your deck to remove splinters. When choosing a sealant or stain, keep in mind that clear versions withstand foot traffic and other outdoor elements longer than their tinted counterparts. If possible, use a synthetic sealant instead of an oil-based product that could make your deck prone to mildew.

5. Go for recycled plastic rugs

Even though outdoor rugs are sometimes made of natural fibers, like bamboo and jute, they can absorb moisture and lead to mildew. Instead, opt for those made of recycled plastic that are less likely to harm your beautifully restored deck.

6. Follow a year-long maintenance routine

Wondering how to maintain your deck throughout the year? Keep it looking new by regularly sweeping water, leaves, or other debris that may land on your deck during every season. In the winter when a broom won’t cut it, use a plastic shovel to remove heavy snow.

These deck maintenance tips will help breathe new life into your deck so you can enjoy your backyard all summer long. We are pleased to offer deck design and construction services to homeowners in the Madison. If you want to replace or add a deck onto your home, tell us more about your dream backyard space today for a receive a no-obligation cost estimate.


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