7 Types of Careers in Home Remodeling

 In General

Rewarding jobs in a field that can lead to a brighter future. 

Careers in home remodeling involve making improvements, repairs, and renovations to a home to enhance the look and feel and increase resale value. We are always looking for talented and driven home remodeling professionals to join our team. If you’re interested in a rewarding career, read on to learn about the types of home remodeling jobs that may suit your skills and interests.

1. Carpenters

Carpenters construct, repair, and install building framework and structures using wood and other materials. They are responsible for collaborating with project managers and fellow carpenters to successfully complete jobs that range in scope from a few hours to multiple weeks. Carpenters enjoy a  a variety of powerful rewards, including a variety of career paths and transferable skills.

2. Window Foreman

Window foremen are responsible for window and door installation at single jobs sites. They work under the guidance of a window technician and provide direction, coaching, and training to installers and helpers. Window foremen also enjoy the rewarding opportunity to build and sustain relationships with homeowners and exceed customer expectations.

3. Siding Foreman

A siding foreman installs siding materials while supervising and motivating other team members. They maintain a focus on customer service and satisfaction, and ensure a clean, safe, and orderly job site. Siding foremen must have experience with power tools and brake operation and be able to lift up to 100 lbs. with assistance.
Learn more about a home remodeling career as a siding foreman here.

4. Roofing Foreman

Roofing foremen are responsible for custom roofing installation jobs. With a projected 11% national employment growth rate by 2026, the demand for excellent roofers is climbing. Motivating crew members and maintaining an OSHA compliant job site are just a couple of the rewarding aspects of this career in home remodeling.

5. Gutter Foreman

A gutter foreman handles custom crafting and precise installation of gutters. Most of our gutter foremen have a background in construction and/or metals and maintenance of gutter equipment. Enjoy a gratifying team atmosphere in which you will oversee and coach other crew members.

6. Drywall and Paint Technicians

In addition to installing and finishing drywall on ceilings and interior walls, drywall and paint technicians finish, texture, and paint drywall. They may also perform insulation and light carpentry work. This career in home remodeling plays a vital role in ensuring job sites are ready for finishing and trim.

7. Designers/Estimators

Home remodeling designers/estimators work directly with sales staff and project managers to design and estimate remodeling projects while making profitability and an exceptional customer experience a top priority. Although 90% of their work is performed in an office, they may work inside and outside in all weather conditions.

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