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Interior Remodeling

Bonus Room Design Ideas for Your Lifestyle

Before you start a bonus room project, consider what you need and want most. Are you a Packers fanatic? An aspiring artist? Does your mother-in-law need a space of her own? These bonus room design ideas might help you choose the perfect project to meet your needs, and make room for your hobbies and interests.

Mix n’ Match Unique Home Designs Infographic

Unique home designs are born of styles so different from one another, when they are paired in the same space, they set each other off like complementary shades across the color wheel. 

Uber Cozy Fireplace Remodeling Ideas

It's the perfect time of year to think about upping your home’s coziness factor. The best way to increase fall and wintertime comfort is with a new fireplace.

3 Cozy and Contemporary Music Room Ideas

Since its invention in 1700, the piano has been one of the world’s most beloved instruments and a common focal point in the musician’s home. Pay tribute to National Piano Month by planning a cozy and contemporary update for your music room that is beautiful, useful, and will inspire you to become a better musician.

All-Season Home Addition Ideas [Photo Guide]

What’s on your home improvement wish list? If space and versatility are near the top, a home addition might be just what you need. A high-end home addition can offer added space with an upgrade that makes your home feel like new, without having to call a realtor.

The Best Guest Bedroom Ideas

As the holidays are encroaching fast, now is the time to clear out cluttered spare rooms and spruce them up with inspired guest bedroom ideas. Not sure how to begin? These top three guest room ideas will help make visitors feel like they are at a 5-star suite in your new stylish space.

5 Mudroom Ideas for a Clutter-Free Home

Coats looped over doors. Dirty boots on the floor. Backpacks strung throughout the house. Yep, we’ve been there. When life dashes ahead, it’s challenging for busy families to keep their belongings in order. The solution? Rethink how you use space with these innovative mudroom ideas. A brand new mudroom will not only keep clutter at bay but will look great while doing it. Kick-start your next remodeling project with these five inspired mudroom ideas.

Small Laundry Room Ideas [Infographic]

If you’re running short on space in your tiny laundry room, try one of our simple ideas for remodeling a small laundry room.