DIY Gardening Ideas Perfect For Your Yard This Summer

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Bonsai Garden


Maintaining an established bonsai tree may be easier than you think! With proper care your bonsai will remain a healthy and beautiful small-scale tree for years to come. Keep in mind, the placement of your bonsai trees depends entirely on your temperatures. When the nightly temperatures are above 40 degrees, your bonsai tree will do best if placed outdoors. Patios, balconies or terraces are good spots to collect numerous bonsai trees.

Flower Garden


When it comes to flower gardens, it’s important to have an excellent soil preparation. To name a few, the blooms that are the easiest to grow include marigolds, snapdragons, and geraniums. However, it is your garden so if you have a favorite flower, go for it and show your creativity through your garden!

Home Grown Tree Pots


After you’ve thought about what you want, consider what you can provide the plants given your environment, space and time commitment. Of course, plants need light, food, air and water, but the quality and quantity varies from plant to plant. You can also save more space by stacking your planters to enjoy growing a range of plants. Find out how big your plants will be and make sure your container can accommodate that.  Almost anything can be grown in a container, even many trees! Create a one of a kind garden with a little effort and some creativity.

Raised Bed Garden Designs


This is the best solution for creating a garden if you are dealing with soil which is tough to dig or is not capable of growing plants. A raised bed garden offers you several benefits such as the ability to customize the soil that you will use to match the needs of your plants. It also improves drainage and uses space more efficiently, while controlling weeds and pests.

Trough Flower Pot


Aside from using a trough, there are still other things that can be repurposed into flowerpots such as a toolbox, bath rub and others. Plants in pots can easily be moved to suit your needs or to a more suitable sunny or shady location during the day.  It’s also a creative way to plant your flowers!

Hanging Plant Arrangements


Hanging baskets are primarily decorative plants around homes that are suspended from chains, ropes and other structures. They allow homes with limited garden space to still have fresh-grown living plants and flowers. The baskets themselves are usually made of wire and filled with a substance like burlap or some other growing medium. Hanging baskets come in a wide variety of styles and examples, from store-bought baskets to homemade baskets that you can create yourself!

Wheelbarrow Flower Arrangement


Wheelbarrow flower arrangements are unique and functional garden decor full of old fashion charm. If you have an old wheelbarrow, think twice before throwing it out because it can surely be re-purposed into something beautiful for your yard!

Hanging Window Planters


Hanging window planters can take an everyday home and turn it into something beautiful. Just by adding something simple such as a flower arrangement to your windows can make a huge difference to the visual appeal by adding depth and dimension to the exterior of your home. Another benefit of incorporating hanging window planters are the extra space it allows for plants to grow. They also add a pop of color that’ll brighten up anyone’s day.

Herb & Vegetable Garden


Planting a vegetable garden does not have to be difficult! To get started, you will plant beds constructed out of two-by-fours and garnished with quaint garden decorations such as signs denoting where each herb is planted. The best place for creating your herb harden is near your kitchen. However, it can also be placed in other locations as long as it gets a good amount of sunlight.


Floral Containers


The flowers above are an assortment of several different arrangements, but their placement in the container is a work of art. Surprise yourself with some creative planting and watch as your floral masterpiece comes to life.

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