The Latest Home Design Trends for Your Fur Baby

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From fashionable attire to organic foods, it’s easy to say that a dog owner’s “fur baby” is extremely pampered. Not only are dog parents spoiling their pups with the latest clothes and supplements, many have been installing amenities in their own home to accommodate to their pets. Fences and dog doors are the most common pet-friendly additions Americans have made to their homes, but there are more design trends specifically for dogs that will make them feel like royalty.

Listed below are some of the latest design trends for pups across the country to feel right at home.

Built-In Eating Station


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This new trend not only blends into your home design but benefits you with eliminating a consistent spill of dog food and water. You will no longer trip over their bowls with this built-in feeding station for your pet. Depending on the specific materials you choose for this design, this project cost may vary. Clean up is so much easier and can be a practical element to add to your home.

Built-In Dog Beds

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Every pup needs their own bed, right? Creating a built-in bed for your fur baby is a great space for them to claim as their own. According to the American Humane Association, ” As den animals, dogs need a sanctuary that is just large enough for them to fit inside and feel secure.” This kind of design can be built in any area of the home that you desire and can be made to match the style of your home. If you want to incorporate a sleeping area in your laundry room, you could also include a step-in washing area that makes it easy to wash off your pup.

Dog Washing Station

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No matter how hard you try, dogs get messy especially if they decide to walk straight through that puddle or the unavoidable rolling around in the dirt. Since this is a common occurrence for a majority of dog owners, many have decided to incorporate a personalized washing station. This trend has become a very common addition to many dog owner’s laundry rooms. Depending on the tile used for this kind of project, the cost may vary but if you are a dog mom or dad, this may be something that could be very useful for you. Overall, this kind of design eliminates the need to haul a dog into a tub, and could also be used for small children to wash off.

If you want to spoil your pets but make practical adjustments to your home, these trends could be just the design element you’ve been looking for.


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