What To Do If Your Window or Door Leaks?

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Today marks the end of one of the longest below freezing stretches in Wisconsin history, which means the spring thaw is here and humidity is back in the air. As the snow melts, your home should be prepared for the seasonal change, and one thing you should keep an eye out for are window and door leaks. Typically, window leaks are caused by poor installation or worn parts, causing the sealing to break down. These leaks can make a big difference in energy use and bills and can cause discoloration and rotten wood over time. Identifying and sealing these leaks around your home windows and doors is a simple task that can help prevent drafty cold spots in your house.


The first step in fixing a window leak is finding out the cause of the window leak. Below are a few of the main reasons for leaks.

  1. Poor installation is one of the most common reasons for leaking.
  2. Windows that are not level will collect water over time
  3. Improper sealing can create small gaps that result in large air leaks.
  4. Roof or wall leaks from ice dams.


The easiest way to prevent issues with leaks is to ensure the installation of your windows and doors were done properly and professionally. Make sure the root issue is identified and that any contractor involved in providing a solution is aware of the issues. It also helps to call an experienced and trustworthy window replacement contractor – like Renewal by Andersen of Madison.

Another great prevention technique is to search for windows and doors that have weather resistant features – an example of weather resistant windows twice as strong as vinyl, Renewal by Andersen’s Fibrex® material means weather-tight seals stay weather-tight in all seasons.


We are the number one provider of window and patio door replacement services in Madison. Meet with a Waunakee Remodeling design consultant today to help solve your window or door leak for good. If you’re looking to replace your home’s windows or doors, you can count on us to get the job done right. Find more information and knowledge on windows and doors in our blog!

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